Tuesday, January 31, 2017

June 1 Year old update - but actually 1.5!

So this is the lastest I have probably ever done an update, but I suppose that's bound to happen now and then with our third little peanut. But as I always say... better late than never!! I'm writing this update 8 months after she turned 3, so some of these things might not have been true of her right at 3.  Also - I totally forgot to do a photo shoot of June at 3 years, so these random photos will have to do! They show a lot of her personality... so that works.
June is full of sass and a lot of personality. Thus the pictures above of her pushing around her own grocery cart at the store, hand on her hip and all. She insisted on filling it with groceries and pushing it around.... it was too cute. I know I have said this about all of my kids at this age, but I really do think she is one of the funniest kids. She acts goofy on purpose and does silly stuff to make us all laugh. She can be so much fun to be around. This past year I got to spend a lot of time with just June and we would have the best time together - she gives the best snuggles and loves hugging and holding hands. She usually does the right thing without her older brother or sister messing with her and rarely gets in trouble. She has a bit of a stubborn streak that will sometimes lead to a timeout or losing of a privilege- like refusing to pick up toys or refusing to say please, but typically a quick timeout or break solves the problem.
She loves playing with the Lucy and Hank and caters to their play. She fits right in with older kids and likes to be around people... I'm guessing like most third kids. She plays up and can do things I'm pretty sure most other three year olds can't. Her favorite people to be with are Lucy, Hank, Estella and Mason. And she'll hang with any of Lucy and Hank's friends when they come over - she's just one of the big kids!
Overall she's a great sleeper and eater. June sleeps a good 11-12 hours at night and will also typically take a nap. She's definitely getting close to not needing a nap and will skip it on days when we are on the go, but it is still a consistent part of her day for right now. She naps later because of school pick-up, so her typical nap is from 3-4:30 and I usually always have to wake her at 4:30... although she's always a little grumpy.

June is definitely more of our grazer, usually sneaking in the pantry and grabbing food for herself, but I've been trying to be more consistent with only letting her eat at meals. She loves cottage cheese, cheese sticks, fruit and ham. She'll eat almost any other food I give her, but those things are consistently her go to's... she LOVES cheese. She prays for us every  night before dinner - "dear Jesus, thank you for this food, thank you for this dinner, amen." Short and sweet, but she insists on being the one to pray every night.

Her nickname right now is Bossbaby. Partially because a movie just came out with that name, but also partially because she thinks she's the boss. She likes to tell people what to do, when to go, and where to be, and coming out of such a tiny lady it really cracks us all up. The older two usually comply and like to keep June happy, but I've been trying to tell them not to let her push them around too much... she's going to get a complex!!! Lucy and Hank love to fight over her affection. They'll often ask her who is her favorite is and try to win her attention. She's got everybody wrapped around her little finger. And could you blame us? She's pretty cute.
All of these pictures are actually from March... and can you tell what a crazy month it was?!? Snow one week... barefoot at the park another!
Academically she seems to be doing pretty well - she knows almost all of her letters and most of the sounds. We try to do a little bit of school work every week and she seems to catch on pretty fast. She's definitely still working on the full alpahbet, but I can see her getting that in no time. Especially as she starts up preschool this fall. She loves coloring, reading, Peppa Pig and Frozen (she's been my only kid to have such specific character interests... it makes buying stuff fun because she loves those characters so much!), riding her bike (which she learned to do this spring!), swimming, going to the library, going on dates with mom to get chocolate milk, snuggling, and playing with friends, although she's very independent and has no problem playing on her own.

As tough and brave as she is (people are often amazed at the stuff June will) there are times that June will freeze up and become shy and won't budge. For example, we enrolled her in swim lessons this summer and for some reason are outgoing, brave, pool-loving girl would not get in the pool. She was frozen and cried almost the entire first lesson. Luckily my mom talked with her and told her that she wouldn't be allowed at the "florida pool" unless she "passed" her lesson... one talk from mimi was all it took. That girl was swimming like a pro in no time!

We love you sweet girl. You are so much fun these days, I honestly can't get enough of you. You sometimes kick and scream and fight me, but the sweet moments have been covering the crabby ones lately and I've been wanting to soak up every second with you. I keep asking you to never grow up, but I don't think you're going to listen to me. So for now, I'm just going to savor every moment I have with you baby girl, because I know it goes fast.

I somehow remembered to do June's three year old video!

Favorite toy: pretend mermaid
Favorite fruit: apple
Favorite vegetable: broccoli
Favorite show: Johnny Test
Favorite thing to wear: something purple (and jammies!)
Favorite food: mac n cheese
Favorite animal: giraffe
Favorite book: "penguin one"
Favorite song: "whole world"
Best friend: Jadelynn
Do outside: ride bikes
Favorite drink: water
Likes to sleep with: paci's and blankies
What do you want to be when you grow up: a witch lady
Favorite sport: basketball

This video kind of shows June's personality... ask her to sit down on the couch and she doesn't want to... so then I bribed her... yep, that's parenting your third.  So, half of the video June is behind the couch.  Plus this shows Hank's personality too... he is my little button pusher. Half the video I spend telling him to stop answering questions and he keeps disobeying. This is literally my everyday. I did watch Lucy's three year old video though and she had a similar personality at this age... goofy... just plain goofy...

January Happenings

We went up to Cleveland one afternoon and saw a play with some friends. It was so fun going up to the city and a light snow had starting making everything just a little more beautiful. I wish we would have had time to do a little more exploring, but hank had a gymnastics fieldtrip that morning so we drove in and out just for the play.

 We had a pretty mild winter, but enough snowy days that we needed alternative modes of transportation to get Lucy from school. One day we took June's new Frozen jeep. The kids had fun with that!



 My family came in town to celebrate Christmas the weekend of June's birthday. We wanted to go up to Cleveland for the science center but found out it was closed once we were up there. We weren't sure what to do so we ended up driving around and eventually settled on checking out the downtown library and stumbled upon a little craft time.
 Caught the kids being good one morning. Lucy was teaching Hank how to read.
 One of my favorite things about Hank - his love for the outdoors and independent play. Hank will often go outside and spend hours exploring and getting dirty and playing around. I love that he is so adventurous and that just nature keeps him entertained.

 And even the girls will have fun outside too! The huge puddle in the back drives me nuts and has been filled all winter, but the kids actually love it and love exploring it with their rainboots on. I'm not sure what they're going to do once it's removed this spring (well hopefully removed anyway!)
Some friends asked me to be on a news segment for them, so the kids and I were all on the news this month! 
 More snowy day walks... this time with Penny!
Decorating valentines cookies
Wisdom from Lucy... I love this girl so much. "All you need is God and clothes... I mean food"

Keeping the kids busy at the doctor... I did a little interview with the 3 of them.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Thankfulness: Pittsburgh, Sunshine and Reading Babies

 I walked upstairs after June had been quiet for awhile and found her sitting on our bed "reading: this chapter book. Such a sweet site!  We've been reading Little House on the Prarie together at night and I wasn't sure if June would have the attention span to sit and listen as I read, but she has been loving it. She'll even bring the book to me and ask me to read it during the day, ask questions about the story (so I know that she understands) and of course, as above, takes the book and flips through the pages reading in between our nightly sessions. This time has been so special to me as I remember reading this series when I was growing up!
 We made an impromptu trip to Pittsburgh which makes me thankful for so many reasons: our proximity to such an awesome city (that has an Ikea!!), how old and adaptable our kids are now - putting up with a long day of traveling and excitement and actually being able to enjoy the adventure, and a husband who loves adventuring as much (if not more) as I do! We set out for Pittsburgh planning just to go to Ikea (a trip we planned only a couple nights before) and on our way we found out that we could get into the Pittsburgh Children's Museum for free with our Cleveland Science Center memberships, so made an impromptu stop at the museum - which was a ton of fun - and then grabbed a bite to eat in the city. We had so much fun exploring! And of course we ended up at Ikea where we got new furniture for Lucy's room and new bedding for us! I'm hoping a trip back will be in our near future!

 I'm thankful for some warmer days we've had... it's been pretty gray and rainy, but we had a break in the rain last Sunday and we were able to enjoy a family walk to the park. And this silly girl thought she would skateboard! That didn't last long.
I'm thankful for our friend Penny! I've been able to earn a little fun money while having this sweet little girl as a playmate for June. It's been a win-win for both Penny's family and ours and I couldn't be happier for the opportunity.

I am thankful for our break-dancing, crazy boy! He is so wild and fun and just a joy... especially when there is music playing!

And I'm thankful for our kids who have been playing so well together lately. We re-set up June's bunk beds this week to make room for some of the new furniture and just that small change made them excited to snuggle together and read. So thankful for the love they have each other in this stage. I know it won't last and I am trying to soak it up as much as possible. I wish they could stay best friends like this forever (and maybe they will)!

Wednesday, January 18, 2017


 My head is spinning most days with all the things I have to do, all the things I want to do, all the things I wish I could be and the things I wish I wasn't. But there are so many good, good moments throughout my days and I want to take time to enjoy those. I want to remember these sweet moments and also try to use these moments to help me decipher what things to invest more time in and what things to get rid of. I'm hoping if I can stay on top of this thankfulness journal and document the little things that bring me joy, I will increase my gratefulness overall and focus in on the important things in life (and maybe I'll stay on top of my photos!). So, here goes...

This morning June was the first to get out of  bed. She called for me but then never came down to find me and when I went upstairs I found her sitting in her bed reading books. It was the sweetest sight. June has been loving "reading" so much more lately and often sneaks away to her room to look through books.
I also found so much joy sitting with Hank this afternoon assembling his star wars lego creation! We have been working on it the past couple days and I have loved working with him and putting together all of the little legos pieces. This boy loves puzzles and blocks and creating things. I love watching his mind work as he invents and imagines.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Christmas #3

My dad, sister and her kids came the weekend of June's birthday to celebrate June and Christmas. Since we didn't go to Indy for Christmas, this worked out perfect! We had a great weekend, celebrating, relaxing and spending time together.
The kids loved getting a whole new set of presents and it was great to have a full weekend to spend with  my family. We also went up to Cleveland to try to go to the Science Center and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, but unfortunately the Science Center was closed, so we ended driving around Cleveland trying to find something to do... we were not very successful but we did end up at the main library which was a new experience for all of us!

Friday, January 6, 2017

June 3 Year Old Birthday Party

I'm big on birthday celebrations. I'm not sure why they are so important to me, but I really like to make a big deal out of my kids on their birhtdays. That being said, June's birthday seems to be one of the hardest to celebrate because it's right after Christmas so we've usually just seen all our family (and no one is up for making the 5 hour drive) and June has never really needed anything because she's our third and because she just got a bunch of stuff for Christmas.  I typically look to my kids to guide the direction of their birthday (what do they want to do, what presents do they want, etc) and June hasn't had much of an opinion until this year. This year I think we finally got to see a little more of her personality and  little bit more of what June wants and I was so happy to get to celebrate and make a big deal out of my baby girl in the way she was wanting.

Our day started with the traditional sprinkle pancakes...

and I let June open 1 present...

June is really in to Frozen and Peppa Pig right now. June is different than Lucy and Hank in this way - they both loved shows and all the cartoon characters but I couldn't tell you what one stuck out whereas June is very specific about what she likes and has a love for Frozen and Peppa that I've never seen the other two have. It's pretty cute (and makes gift buying easy because I just look for Frozen and Peppa merchandise!)

During the day June had her 3 year old check up - she got shots, but handled them like a champ! She is overall a really happy little girl.
We also met Ben for lunch at Red Robin and she got to drink chocolate milk and play on the tablet there all she wanted... it's the little things in life!

Back at home, we opened presents once Ben got home. June got some new snow boots, a coat, hat and gloves. She also got a new peppa pig train, frozen lip gloss, a frozen water bottle, and frozen slippers. (Are you getting the theme here?!?)

Much like her single-mindedness with Peppa and Frozen, June was also very specific about her party... she wanted to go to Chuck E Cheese (which was surprising because the year before we went and she seemed a little frightened/overwhelmed about it) and she wanted our friends Jace and Jadelynn to come (I thought this was particularly cute because we used to see them on a weekly basis at life group but the past 6 months or so their parents started their own group and we didn't see them as regularly... even still, these were the only 2 kids June wanted at her party... I'm telling you this girl has a 1 track mind in everything she does!)

Lucy had been playing with her friend Emilia that afternoon and we ended up inviting her to come along.. this worked out perfect so each of the kids had a playmate!
June and Jordan

June and Jadelynn
I waited till the last minute to order the cake and of course, couldn't get a Frozen cake last minute. They had an adorable snowy scene cake at the store so I bought that and thought June would love it just the same, but as soon as I showed it to her she said - "that's not Frozen!"... I ended up going to get little figurines to place on top, but June never did let me live down that the cake was not actually a "Frozen cake". Lesson learned! This girl needs the real deal!

Happy Birhday June Bug! So glad we could have a day dedicated to celebrating you, just the way you liked it! We love you so much!!
June at 3 years old...
Height 3'2 (75%)
Weight 31lb (62%)

I usually do a more in depth post on the kids birthday but I got really behind and am just now getting to it in July... so I'm going to do a seperate 3.5year old update! See July 2017 for more details...