Monday, December 30, 2013

Advent Activities Part 2

10. S'mores night by the fire:

11.  Decorate a gingerbread house:

This was a little tricky with both kids, but got much easier when I put Hank on dish duty...
And that turned into these two helping clean all of June's bottles! It was a good day...

12. Make Christmas cookies (we actually did this several times, Lucy loves helping bake!)

  13. Go to a Christmas show... I counted Lucy's Christmas program as this (although we also went to another show).  We took the kids out to a fancy dinner at Bravo before the show...

Friday, December 20, 2013

Lucy's Preschool Christmas Program

Lucy had her first preschool program.  It was such a joy to watch her on stage, singing her heart out... Ben and I definitely had a proud parent moment that night.  Lucy was definitely the most outgoing up on stage, I thought she might get stage fright, but as you can tell from the video, this little girl just wanted to sing her heart out.
Here are a few pictures from before the program.  Seriously, trying to BOTH children to smile AND look at the camera is literally impossible.  

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Advent Activities - Part 1

I've been trying to do Advent activities for our family over the past few years.  I feel like I'm always pregnant or have a newborn.... hmmm... Ok, that's not true, but we have had a lot going on the past few years, so I give myself Grace and just try to do as much as we can.  This year was extra tricky since we traveled for Thanksgiving and spent most of Dec 1st and 2nd unpacking and getting settled back into Akron life.  But we have been making good progress since!
 1. Get a Christmas Tree.  (I was hoping to cut down our own.  We did go to a farm where you can do this, but apparently it's not a good idea to go cut your own tree when it's pitch black outside.  Oh well... maybe next year.

 2. Decorate the Christmas tree.  Lucy was actually very helpful this year!
Hank was not...

 3. (This was an impromptu activity because of a fluke couple warm days here in Akron) Go for a walk to look at Christmas lights and get hot cocoa from Starbucks.  Not sure we'll be able to make this work every year because it is definitely weather dependent... but having 60 degree weather in December sure did make me re-think this whole living in Northern Ohio thing...

We have a Starbucks within walking distance, which is pretty sweet...

4. Visit Santa.  We aren't even really doing the whole Santa thing here at our house, just so we can stay more focused on Jesus and the true meaning of Christmas.  But there was an opportunity to get pictures with Santa for free down the street from us, so we thought it'd be fun to get a few shots!

Surprisingly neither of them cried the whole time!  Success!
Finally... a baby bump picture! 36.5 weeks...

5. Go Sledding (another impromptu we had to fit in because of the weather).
6. Make paper snowflakes (I added a few simple activities for days we had a lot going on in our regular, non-Christmas lives)... this could have been fun... maybe if my kids weren't 3 and 1 :)

7. Go Christmas Shopping - most of my Christmas shopping was done a few weeks ago, but Christmas shopping can be fun, and I wanted to figure out a way to help Lucy and Hank start to get the feel for giving rather than receiving, so Ben and Hank went shopping for a present for Lucy and Lucy and I went shopping for a present for Hank.  Not sure they fully get this idea now... but they will some day!

8. Volunteer/Give as a family - we did part of this while shopping, Lucy and I also shopped for a 3 year old from the Angel tree at our church and we are planning on dropping off the present tomorrow.  Also, Ben and I will be volunteering at a Christmas store on Saturday.

9. Dinner by the christmas tree... this was... interesting! I made fondue for the family to enjoy by the fire.  Turns out fondue might be a little more fun for older kids... but we still had a blast watching the kids enjoy. 

10. Make homemade doughnuts

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

 We traveled home to Indy for Thanksgiving and stayed with the Wehners for the long weekend.  It was a busy week, but we were glad to fit in seeing lots of family and a few friends!  Here are a few pictures I snagged on Thanksgiving day...

Loving these pigtails!!!