Tuesday, February 28, 2017

February Happenings

On top of the baby shower, the waterpark and basketball we had a lot of other fun happenings in February. Normally I dread winter and especially the month of February, but as our kids get older and more active I'm realizing we might be at the end of our "slow, boring" months. To start the month out, Lucy had her first real sleepover with a friend. Sleepovers have been the new thing this school year and Lucy was asking to have one almost every weekend. We finally gave in for her to have a sleepover with a friend, Emilia that we've known since we moved her to Akron. The girls had so much fun making homemade pizzas, doing face masks, painting nails and watching movies. Everyone had a good time! 

Of course, now that we let Lucy have one sleepover, it only made her want to have more! After Emilia reciprocated and had Lucy over, I told Lucy that was enough sleeping over at friends houses for the time being. We're still trying to figure out what our family's rules are, but for right now I'd like sleepovers to be limited - a sleepover takes up a lot of the weekend (think cranky, tired 7 year old) and it's a big step to have our daughter out all night with another family... I'd like to make sure Lucy has a good grasp on what's acceptable and not acceptable before she is gone for so long.
Lucy celebrated the 100th day of school by dressing up like a 100 year old!
We had an unseasonably warm week in February and enjoyed a day at the park!
These two... I captured a sweet moment of Hank "reading" to June on the couch. They have such a sweet relationship - Lucy is gone much of the day, so these two end up playing together more. They get along really well for the most part.
Of course we have our bad days too...
I took pictures to remember the non-sweet moments too. On this day I took the kids to the Akron Children's museum. I thought  this was a fun activity and that I was being such a nice mom to plan an activity for the kids, but when it was time to leave the kids freaked out. This doesn't happen often, but the kids were out of control. They both screamed and cried the whole way home. Nothing a LONG time out in their rooms couldn't fix.

We celebrated Valentine's day...

I got to go in and help at Lucy's school and got these two all dressed up too! Ben and I celebrated by going out to eat at the Twisted Olive - a gift certificate our life group had given us.
We had playdates with friends! Sophie is another of Lucy's best friends right now.

June got her second hair cut! Her hair has been slow growing (much like our other daughter!) but this trim helped make her hair look much more even and well kept! I wish I would have cut it sooner!!

We finally got an IU flag hanging at our house!
And Lucy and Ben went to the Daddy-Daughter dance at Lucy's school. They had so much fun and I loved getting to see them spend one on one time together.

My baby girl is growing up! There isn't much "baby" left in her anymore!!

GameDay Basketball

 The kids played basketball this past winter through our church's league - GameDay. The league is awesome - focusing on spiritual growth as much as athletic growth. Ben and our friend Matt were the coaches and the kids got to be on the same team with a lot of their friends.
Unfortunately, it was everyone on our team's first time playing, so the games were a little rougher...
But we still knew how to have fun!! Even if that meant doing kartwheels on the court...

Hank really caught the buzz for basketball - while his skills are still developing, he definitely has the desire and want to become a better basketball player.

Lucy had fun, but I'm not sure she'll end up wanting to continue. She had tried cheerleading the year before and has already said she wants to do that again next year. She's such a tall girl, we were hoping basketball would stick.... but the heart wants what the heart wants...

The games were early on Saturday mornings (some started at 7:50am!) but we all had a good time... even June and I enjoyed the extra 1 on 1 time while the big kids played with dad.