Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Snow Much Fun

We had a lot of snow this winter, and I mean a lot! But we tried to make the most of it, when we could... although there were many days that were just too cold to go out.  Here's a few shots from when we did get to play in the snow!



We've had a lot of sweet sibling moments over the past few months.  As the kids get older and their personalities develop, they have begun to play so well together.  While there are still a lot of fights, there has been a lot more giggling and imagining and playing... and this mama is very thankful for it!

Popcorn and a movie

Sink bath

A few sweet moments I captured of the kids playing, by their own initiative... it doesn't get much sweeter than this!

And this final one is just a comparison shot of the three babes at 14 months.  Most people tell me she looks like Hank.  I think they all have a really similar look, with a few unique features, but June reminds me mostly of Lucy. 

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Lucy's Fifth Birthday Party

 My baby girl turned 5 this month! We celebrated by having a party with a few friends from preschool.  Lucy wanted to go to Romp n' Stomp with just the girls from preschool, so we decided instead of paying for a big group party at Romp n' Stomp, we would just go to one of their open play nights and then have all the girls back to our house for pizza and cake.
 The party was perfect and exactly what Lucy wanted.  She requested: Just girls, princess themed and Romp n Stomp.  So we made it happen!

Lucy's friends - Abby and Ellie (and their brother Will) and Aubrey

 Her presents this year: Littlest pet shop, Doc McStuffins kit, "American Girl" doll clothes, a "talking" parrot, dora dolls, mooshka doll magnetic dress up dolls, frozen magnetic dress up dolls, and princess dress up stuff. We also got her some clothes, PJs and some pink cow girl boots. 

On Lucy's actual birthday we celebrated with sprinkle pancakes, chick-fil-a, pizza and ice cream! It was a fun day celebrating with our preschool friends and our family.  We love this little girl to pieces!!

Thursday, March 12, 2015

June 1 Year

 Finally getting close to getting caught up! Happy Birthday to June! We celebrated June's actual birthday with sprinkle pancakes and lunch at the mall with Ben.
 June at 1 year reminds me a lot of Lucy at1 year.  She is sleeping well - 8/8:30pm - 7:30am(ish).  She was taking 2 naps at her 1 year mark, but has since dropped her morning nap, right before turning 14 months.  She goes down very easily and still loves her paci and to snuggle a few blankets.  We sometimes have to help give her a paci in the middle of the night, but that is pretty rare. 
 She's a pretty good eater, although she seems somewhat all over the place at meal time.  Unfortunately my first response when she is cranky and I have something to do (like make dinner), is to give her a couple full of Cheerios or Kix.  Probably not the best idea to do before dinner, but it works for now!  So her meals seems to be hit or miss sometimes, I'm guessing because she's not always hungry.  She does love cereal, milk, and anything sweet!  She can spot a cookie from across the room.
 She's kind of a monkey.  She typically refuses to sit in her high chair - standing for an entire meal.  (This is unfortunate bc I lost the straps to my high chair so I have no way to keep her sitting... I just keep thinking this is a bad habit we are going to have break down the road...)  She has recently found the joy in climbing up the bunk bed ladder (I discovered her all the way at the top, yikes!) and climbing up onto the kitchen table chairs and then onto the table. 
 She is a walking pro now, walking or running all over the place.  The most often comment I hear is - "wow she's really great at walking, how old is she?" I think because she did walk a bit early and she's a bit petite, so people are shocked to see her walking so well :) We also hear a lot how happy she is and how cute she is.  We obviously couldn't agree more.
 While she does seem to be so happy for other people (babysitters and the church nursery), she does seem to be rather fussy for me lately.  We have reached the age where June has a lot of needs she wants to communicate but she isn't quite able to communicate them just yet.  The result: lots of screaming, crying, and laying on the floor throwing tantrums.  While her little baby tantrums are pretty cute, I have been rather frustrated lately as June seems to be crying a lot of the day and seems to need me A LOT.  I don't mind holding her or snuggling her to try to appease her, but even that doesn't seem to make her happy at times and she starts throwing a tantrum in my arms.  I remember this happening so clearly with Lucy though, so I'm not really worried about it... only a few more months and then we'll have a bossy 2 year old on our hands.
 Her favorite things to do are: climb the stairs, get into things she's not supposed to, dump things and put things back, follow after Lucy and Hank, flip through books on her own, walk around exploring, taking showers/baths, playing chase or running away from me.
 She does not like: being picked up or messed with by her brother and sister (this is the biggest things I manage at home during the day!) or sitting with me to read (unfortunately probably a product or being a third child... she's had little reading time with mom and dad).  And she especially doesn't like doing things she doesn't want to do.  She's got an opinion!!
We love you so much baby girl! You are and will forever be our baby.  I love being your momma and doing this momma thing a third time around because I feel so much more comfortable and relaxed being your momma, knowing every phase we are in will pass and will be gone before I know it.  You are such a beautiful baby, I sometimes just can't stop staring at you.  I can't wait to see your little personality develop even more over this next year, but I can already tell you are going to be one spunky, fun-loving, sassy little girl (gee... I wonder where she gets that!).
 Happy Birthday June Bug!
 The peanut in her bday outfit.
 1 Year ago.
 Eating pizza at the mall with daddy.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Hank 3 Years Old

Shoot.  This is WAY late.  I took these pictures right after Hank turned 3, but then between the holidays, June's birthday, and our broken computer I never actually got the post up.  Oh well... better late than never!
Oh Hanky Doodle.  You are ALL BOY.  You love running and jumping and wrestling and sports and cars and anything else "boy".  You are super athletic and seem to really excel when it comes to anything that involves your will and determination... i.e. riding a bike this past summer!!

And of course you continue to LOVE your thumb.  I try to work with you a bit to not suck it all day, but you sure do like to suck your thumb! I'm hoping preschool (next fall) will help you get out of the habit of doing it all throughout the day.  

You love snuggling and usually ask mommy to "snuggy" at least one time a day - which means sitting on the couch and cuddling and usually reading some books together.  

You are hilarious.  You say the funniest things throughout the day, usually inadvertently, but sometimes you'll do goofy stuff on purpose just to make us laugh. 
You love Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, all super heros, Octonauts, and Wild Krats.  You love playing with your sister, even though you usually insist on getting your way! She usually obliges and lets you do whatever you need to do. 
You are a pretty good eater, although you like to move around a lot at meal time.  I usually have to remind you to sit back down and eat.  But you will eat pretty much everything that we give you, even if it takes a few reminders.  Or telling you that your vegetables give you super human powers to attack daddy. 
You have your own sense of fashion and are very particular about what you want to wear.  Usually it's shorts, but if it's pants you like to push up your socks high and tuck your pants into them.  You are particular about your shoes.  You had a pair of "red and black" shoes that I finally had to just throw away because they were so old and way too small.  That was over 6 months ago and you still ask for them!  Currently, the above shoes are your favorite (thank goodness). 
Sleep still continues to be OK (not terrible, but not good either).  I'd say you usually get out of bed 3-4times a week.  Sometimes at the beginning, sometimes in the middle of the night, and sometimes too early in the morning.  There seems to be no rhyme or reason and nothing we've tried to do seems to really work.  So for right now, what has worked best is just accepting the current situation and continuing to walk you back to bed.  This too shall pass...

You continues to nap pretty regularly 1.5-2 hours every day.  I am starting to wonder if you napped less if you would sleep better at night, but I'm not ready to give up that break during the day! I know you won't do a quiet time as good as Lucy does hers...
Oh and you love to dance :)
Potty training has actually turned out to go pretty smoothly.  It started in slow and easy as you showed a lot of interest since Lucy was doing it.  We did underwear more and more every day and you seemed to just naturally be transitioning away from diapers.  But then you stopped pooping.  And that sucked.  I was super stressed things were going to go down a similar road as Lucy, but fortunately after about a month of helping you with some medicine, you got into a regular routine and have been going poop and pee on the potty on your own for quite some time now!  You actually need way less reminders than your sister, which is a HUGE relief!
You are our strong willed, stubborn, wild child.  And while this is used for so much good, it can also cause a lot of trouble.  You get in trouble a lot more than your rule-following sister, and while this frustrates me a lot, I also see your passion and drive used for good all the time too.  Luckily counting (1,2,3 Magic) and time outs seem to work pretty well with you.  There was a period when you wouldn't stay in time out so we had to close you in our room, but you soon learned that it was much better to sit in the chair downstairs than get locked in Mom's room.  

You most commonly get in trouble for fighting with your sister and having a bad attitude.  But almost every time you take a break in time out, you come out with a much better attitude and ready to apologize. 
'You are coming along academically as well.  You don't have quite as much interest in sitting down and learning as Lucy does, but you are picking up on things at your own pass and seem to be learning new stuff every day.  Right now I would say you recognize about half of your letters, know all your colors, most shapes and numbers 1-5.  I try to work with you most days a little on letters, but when I can see you aren't interested I just put everything away and chase you and tickle you, which you love. 

I love this video of Hank at 3 years.  It's the perfect example of who Hank is - goofy, sweet, and a little bit mischievous.  He answers the first question, "his name?" as a joke... that's so Hank.  We love you sweet boy! You may give us the most headaches at times, but you also give us the most laughs and make us smile so often.  We are so thankful for your strongwill, humor, and sweet personality.