Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Random November Happenings: Zoo days, Grandparents Day, and Lots of Silly Fun!

 We had a relitively warm november so we took full advantage of it! One day when Lucy was off school we all headed to the zoo and had the best day! The sun was out, the zoo wasn't crowded (I think only Akron schools were off in the area) and the kids were so delighted I had gotten them happy meals from McDonalds... Lucy said "this is the BEST day ever!!"... haha, good to know a happy meal is all it takes to make them happy.

 This bird got so close to them, I think it was trying to get the troll doll in Hank's hand.  It kind of freaked Lucy out!
 My princess! A shot like this is so rare... dressed, clean, and good lighting. I had to capture lots of photos on this day because the kids were all looking so cute.

 Grandpa and Grandma Wehner came out for Grandparents Day this month. We had fun taking them around Akron and they had fun visiting Lucy's school. They also watched the kids on Saturday while Ben and I went to a training at our church. It was a great weekend!
 This picture is random, but I was cracking up on this day... June insisted on wearing PJs for the day (which she has been doing a lot lately, and it's not something I care enough to fight her on) and then she was refusing to get in her car seat after our grocery trip to Aldi. I told her "fine, we aren't going anywhere until you get into your seat"... anddddd she called my bluff. She was completely content playing in the car so we sat in the Aldi parking lot for a bit. I didn't mind too much, I wasn't in a rush to go anywhere and she was perfectly happy sitting next to me.
 These photos are random but we had a warm day in late November and our leaf pickup had already happened, but we still had tons of leaves in our yard. The kids had fun playing in the leaf pile and I had to grab a few pictures of their sweet faces.

 Another random photo but I just had to remember this... June and Hank were playing so nicely (I think while I was raking) "watering" the "flowers". Turns out they were dumping cups of water into the dirt, which then quickly became mud, which got all over their shoes but they just continued to walk in and fill up their cups of water... creating a mud trail going from the sink to the front door. I was so frustrated and overwhelmed! But this is real life....
 And on this day our excitement was a humongous opossum who was camped out in our backyard for a few hours.  Ruthie discovered the opossum and then he just camped out near our house and wasn't budging. I had called animal control to come figure out what was going on, but it eventually sauntered off on it's own and we haven't seen it since! It's a bit weird knowing this large creature lives somewhere in our backyard, but I just try not to think about it!

Last update November picture- I took Ben out for a celebratory dinner. He won Branch Manager of the Year at Otis so we celebrated at a fancy steakhouse... he deserved it! 

And now for a few of my favorite videos from this month...
June, getting her dance on. On the counter. Wobble baby. This was the Monday after I had gotten back from a girls trip in Florida and I was struggling to get back into the swing of things... when all else fails... dance party!!!
Lucy made a snowman one afternoon (so apparently we had a little chilly weather in November) and then she wanted to take a video of it and post it to youTube. haha... this girl cracks me up.
Another one of June. I love her silliness here. I watched this video so many times and just kept laughing. Her puppet show was so sweet.
And finally, Ben was pushing the kids super high on the swing and Hank ended up spinning off... it looks scary but I love that Hank starts cracking up.

Girls Trip to Florida

 Katy and I took a trip to my mom's condo in late November. We had a great time relaxing, hanging out and just catching up on life. It was the perfect get away for this mama - time to just do whatever I wanted to do and not have to worry about 5 different people's schedules. We slept in, ate whenever and whatever we wanted, relaxed on the beach, shopped and watched movies. Looking forward to many, many more vacations with Katy in the future!


We spent Thanksgiving in Indy this year, it was a bit different this year but we had fun celebrating and being with family just the same! We stayed with Nick for a couple days and celebrated Thanksgiving with him. Ben and I were supposed to run the Drumstick Dash in the morning, but Lucy ended up getting sick early in the morning and I didn't think it was a good idea to leave her. We spent Thanksgiving morning helping her recover and by the time the rest of the family came over, Lucy was on the mend! She was actually even able to eat Thanksgiving dinner with everyone.
  My dad and sister joined the celebration at Nick's house this year. We had a great time laughing and sharing lots of yummy food. Lucy also planned a little table game where we passed around a bowl and each answered a question Lucy had written. It was a fun conversation starter and we learned something new about everyone around the table!
 We had a big meal at Nicks and then headed over to my grandparents to see my mom's side of the family and eat a bit more.

The rest of our time at home was spent celebrating Hank's birthday and going downtown with my mom for a carriage ride. We have made this an annual tradition every Thanksgiving weekend. Ruth's Chris for dinner and a carriage ride around the circle is the best way to kick of the Christmas season!

Finally, this little video was taken on the drive home. Nothing special, just the kids being cute. Traveling has gotten so much easier these days!

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Hank's 5th Birhtday at SkyZone

We celebrated Hank's birthday in Indy this year (which happens typically since his birthday is always right around or on Thanksgiving). We started the day with doughnuts and presents at Grandpa and Grandma's house and then headed off to Skyzone for his birthday party.

 A few of his favorite presents: pogo stick, skateboard, KD's, magic tracks, a motorcycle-like helmet, nerf guns, and I'm sure there's more... but that's what I remember!

 Now that Hank is in preschool all week I thought for sure he'd want to include some of his friends from Akron at his birthday, but when asked several times about his party invite list he pretty much always stuck to "my uncles and Jordyn". I couldn't argue with that! We booked a party room at skyzone and invited all of the family to come celebrate!


 After an hour of jumping everyone was pretty exhausted - but Hank had enough energy to open presents and eat some pizza and cake!!

 So thankful for this sweet, energetic, athletic little boy and that we got a day to do exactly what he wanted. I love being able to focus on and really celebrate my kids on their big days and I think we did a good job of that for Hank this year!

 And I'm thankful we were able to gather everyone for the celebration - we are lucky to have so many loved ones near to us in Indy, which makes celebrating pretty easy (although expensive... finding a third party site to bring both families together can be a bit tricky).

 Happy birthday to my big 5 year old boy! We love you so much!