Monday, March 18, 2013

Indiana Weather

We've had kind of a weird winter.  I was looking back through pictures I took in January and February that were warm enough for us to head to the park today, but here we are in March and there was a thin layer of ice/snow on the ground when I woke up this morning.  While I was glad for the few warm days we had this winter... I am definitely ready for spring to get here soon!

Here are a few highlights of what we've been up to the past few weeks when it was warm out...

Lucy said - "Take my picture mom, I'll do something cute" and this is the pose she gave me... what a ham...

Hank actually likes the jeep for the most part, but I think Lucy's stop and go driving finally got to him.  And being the good mom that I am, of course I had to grab this picture before grabbing him... priceless...

We didn't just save the outside play for warm days.... Hank LOVES playing outside and will go out whatever the conditions are.

We left our coats at the Ravensbergs one day but the kids wanted to go out, so here we are dressed up in our Halloween costumes that doubled as coats!

Another snow day! Playing with Andrew!

Another thing Hank has discovered is the trampoline.  I used to open the back door and let him out in the back yard and not worry about him because our yard is fenced in.  A few days ago, I looked outside after a few minutes to check on him and saw he had walked over, climbed up on the slide and was jumping on the trampoline.  Oh Lord.  I lost the days of letting him play outside while I stay warm inside... now I have to go out and monitor these two crazies.

Lucy's Third Birthday

 We started the day with some special decorations around the house, presents (we got her swim goggles, and two used toys my family had given me), and birthday cake batter pancakes... delicious!

 Lucy's party wasn't scheduled till 4pm, so we spent the day playing and watching a movie with our BIG girl!

After naps we headed to Chuck E. Cheese for Lucy's party.  We invited her friends from our co-op preschool and had fun celebrating with everyone.  It was the perfect day celebrating Lucy, and letting her do lots of things she loved.  And the best part was, we didn't have to host and stress about having everyone over to our house.  I also loved letting Lucy choice everything - she picked the location, the guest list (although she had a much longer list, for budget sake I narrowed it down a bit!) and even her Finding Nemo cake.  We had fun party planning together.






 Happy Birthday Baby Girl! We love you so much and we were so happy to spend this special day celebrating you! 

We are so thankful you have been in our life for three whole years... it just keeps getting better and better.  

 We Love you!