Sunday, August 17, 2014

June Bug: Standing, Sitting, and Just Being Cute

Because every third kid deserves a few posts just for themselves...
Play time with Hank
Standing practice

A genius idea: sink bath while I do dishes... June loved it

Just being cute

Driving the jeep

First time pulling up to standing.  I set her down next to me in the kitchen and turned around to find her standing up!


More standing (if June had her way, this is all she would do)

Sleepy morning snuggles

Summer Photo Update

I found a ton of photos on my phone from all over the summer, so I figured I'd clump a few together and update them here...

 The left two pictures of June are from our road trip to Kristy's wedding.  The top right is June eating for her first time at a McDonald's. The bottom right is June next to her twin.  A baby doll.  The crazy thing is, I have literally been approached by 4 separate people, 4 separate times who have said "I thought she was a baby doll!" as I've been pushing June in our stroller.  I don't know what it is about her sitting in our umbrella stroller, but something must throw people off guard, because people seemed so shocked that the "baby doll" is actually a baby girl! 

 I don't even have words for these pictures.  Handsome boy.  That's all I can say.  Love him so much.

Same for Lucy.  My gentle, sweet, precious girl.  Love her so much.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Indy Visit

What a week in Indy! We did so much I can't even record it all here! Lots of visits with friends and family, but I only recorded a few events with pictures.

Here we are at my grandparents Lake Cabin for a "girls weekend", organized by my cousin Alli (disregard the two boys who also joined in the fun).

 And here we are visiting with my dad...

 And the one friend picture I did get... here's June and Augusta from one morning when Rebekah and I went for a walk...
This only captures about 10% of what we did, but wanted to put up the pictures I did get!

July Visitors

 This past month, I have been reminded of how blessed we are to have such amazing friends and family.  Not only have we really taken roots here in Akron, developing a community of friends locally, we have also been able to keep in touch with and visit with all of our community from Indy. 

First up were the Jansens.  Neither of us did a great job taking pictures, but it was probably because we were having too much fun! (That or we were too busy taking care of five children that are four and under!) The big boys made it to an Indians game on Saturday, Heather and I survived feeding and putting all five babes to bed while they were gone, we all made it to the zoo on Sunday, and had lots fun relaxing and cooking out in the back yard.  We loved having you all, come back soon!!  (Although next time I think it's the girls turn to go out and the boys turn to watch the kids.)

A few pics from our zoo day...

Next up were the Elliot's.  This was their second visit but first time bringing baby Augusta (who is 3 weeks older than June).  We spent the weekend chatting, relaxing, making cookies on our stove top (turns out our oven decided to kick the bucket this month), and we even braved going out to eat with all the kids... it was a success!

Can't wait to watch these two girls grow up together.  Miss you already Elliots!

Finally, Uncle Luke and one of our good friends from high school youth group days (who conveniently is a good friends of Luke's) came out to visit.  On Saturday we went to church and made s'mores over a bonfire in the back yard. On Sunday, the boys went to Cedar Point, and Brielle was courageous enough to stay home with the three kids and me.  I was so thankful because not only was it so nice to have her company, she is also a rockstar with the kids and was a HUGE help all day.

July was a busy month for us - we had visitors come three weekends in a row, and then I left for Indy the last weekend.  We loved every second of it though and loved having each of these people.  It is so fun to get to spend a full day/days with our loved ones and show them around our new home.  We hope they all will come back soon!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

June at 7 Months


 At 7 Months June is...
-getting better and better at moving around, but isn't officially crawling (you're almost there peanut!)
-pulled herself up from sitting to standing one time and really loves standing most of the time
-eating great, usually eating 2-3 times a day and usually accepts whatever I offer her (we're still doing mostly purees, but I sneak in a few "big kid" snacks every once and awhile like watermelon slices, toast, or crackers)
-babbling, I think I've caught a few dada's somewhere in there!
-finally free of the swaddle and pillow set up at night, although I still "swaddle" her lower half (although it's mostly just for warmth)
-loving her teddy and blankie and pacies at night.  She loves sucking on her paci's (just like her big sis) and burying her face in her blanket and teddy
-taking 3 naps a day, I would expect her to take two 1.5 hour naps and one shorter 45 minute nap, but since getting rid of the swaddle, her naps have been more all over the board (sometimes only napping for 45 minutes the first two and then catching up with a 1.5hr nap at the end of the day), but her night sleep has improved, so I haven't minded losing the consistent naps she used to give me
-sleeping great at night! She even slept all the way through a few times this month, but that is not the norm.  She pretty consistently wakes once around 4am(ish) and then sleeps on until 7:30-8am (although a few mornings I had to wake all the kids at 8:30am... what!?!?!)
-spent a week at Mimi's house this month, where she slept pretty good (although she has been waking a bit earlier in the morning during and since the trip) and had a lot of stranger anxiety come through (which meant a lot of mommy-Junie snuggles)
-has been a bit crankier towards the end of this month because of a cold and some top teeth coming in
 -continues to be such a giggly, smiley baby... laughing the most at her brother and sister
-has gotten told she has an "angelic" or "cherub" look a few times... of course we are biased, but her smile and big blue eyes does make her look like quite the little angel!

A few videos from this past month:
Practicing standing...

Tasting a lemon while we were out to eat... didn't seem to phase her...

Watermelon! Enough said...

Working on crawling...

Almost there! (although neither of these videos capture her best attempts... she has definitely made forward movement, but of course it was impossible to grab the best attempts on video!)

We love you peanut!