Thursday, February 18, 2016

Christmas Day

 We woke up Christmas morning at my mom's house and had sausage gravy and opened presents.  The kids got lots of goodies from Mimi and had a blast opening all their presents! Lucy got new clothes, a razor scooter, craft supplies, and lots of new shoes.  Hank got a rip stick, terrain twister, nerf gun, and some new clothes/shoes.  And June bug got an elmo doll, new clothes/shoes, and a few other toys. The kids also got a few games and new sleds and I'm sure other things I am forgetting too!

After playing with our toys for a bit, we showered and got dressed and headed over to Ben's parents house where the kids got to open even more presents!! Hank and June got new bikes and helmets and a few other toys and Lucy got a new car for her dolls, a lego set, a helmet and a jewelry set.  We had a great day hanging out with family, eating dinner and playing with all the new toys. We also hung out with my dad the day after Christmas and got to open even more toys, but I forgot to take pictures of that!