Sunday, May 12, 2013

Growing Up

Lucy started swim lessons a few weeks ago.  She has been having so much fun, and I think her teachers have really enjoyed having her.  She is definitely all over the place, and from my observation, the kid that gets told to "keep your hand on the wall" the most by the teachers, but I think it's mostly because she loves the water so much and has been really comfortable.  While she is the most rascally, she is the most daring and willing to do everything the teacher asks.  While most kids will just jump in one or two times from the side to the teacher, Lucy usually tries to fit in 10-15 jumps during her time.  Her teacher said she is "a little fish"!
Watching the other kids while waiting for her lesson to start

Another big thing Lucy has been doing lately is riding her big girl bike! We bought some training wheels to put on one of Jadyn's old bikes and Lucy has taken off!  She loves riding her "little pink bike".

Friday, May 10, 2013

Phone Update

 These are random pictures from over the past month... a little glimpse at what we've been up to!
We've had lots and lots of picnic lunches outside.  Lucy said she "NEEDED" my sunglasses!

Lucy's outfit of choice on this day... her princess dress.  She came in from the garage and said, "Mom, let's play baseball!"  Ball and glove in hand, ready to go.  I don't think Ben has ever been more proud!

Poop in the potty rewards -Hank and Lucy get a sucker (per Lucy's request) and sometimes they get to watch a show too... Hank's really making out in this deal!  Love how they are snuggled here...

Hank LOVES this bike...

Here's what I discovered in the bathroom after I was trying to get a little packing done for a girl's trip to Chicago...

Hank's first hair cut! Per my friend Emily... just a little off the back!

Lucy loves my tulips!

Lucy went to a friend's birthday party at Snapperz...

Nap times are getting few and far between around here, so I've been having Lucy listen to books on tape to keep her quiet for a little bit!

Random Bath Pictures

Of course my little monkey boy would figure out a fun new way to stand in the bath tub...

 And of course, big sister would want to copy...

 And then of course, I went to grab my camera... that's how we roll around here. And a few more bath photos just for fun...

Easter 2013

 I'm just a little bit behind on posting... better late than never though!  We've got a lot going on around here (more on that later) but for now, I'm going to try my best to get as much of our life on the blog.  Here are pictures from Easter.  These first few pictures of from an Easter egg hunt that we tried to go to as a family but was a bit of a bust... we ended up having a fun day as a family though, playing at the park, shopping at Target and eating lunch at Chick-Fil-A... three of our favorite things!

  Easter morning we gave the kids baskets from the Easter bunny, had brunch with my dad and Roxanne and then did an Easter egg hunt in our front yard with Jadyn and Jordyn.

 After brunch we headed over to my grandmas for more food, fun and Easter egg hunting!

We had a great day celebrating Easter with family and I am so thankful to our church and Veggietales for helping Lucy understand what Easter is all about.  One day we were doing a Bible lesson Grace had sent home about Easter and had talked about Jesus dying on the cross for us.  Later in the day Lucy asked if we could do another Bible lesson and I of course agreed.  Her response, "yay! this time Hanky can die on the cross!"... I cracked up laughing... hmm... I think I need to better explain some things here!