Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Playing in the Leaves

 My big girl wanted to help with the leaves while the other two babes were napping... I couldn't resist grabbing a few pictures of her playing in the leaves! And then she really did help me rake them up and carry them to the street.  She's such a big helper these days!

June 10 Months

 June at 10 months...
 -is SO close to walking, but isn't quite there yet... she has taken 2 steps on her own, but then always falls down.  She can get to standing on her own and cruises a ton, but hasn't quite put it all together.  
 -loves clapping, squealing, laughing, wrestling, and grunting! She is a talker!  I guess I would say she is saying "mama" and "dada" at this point... but it's also a lot of just babbling too.
 -is all over the place.  Crawls super fast, explores everything and has definitely starting getting into everything
 -got her molars! I'm pretty sure she has 12 teeth now!
 -loves playing with her brother and sister, and watching whatever they do.  And loves to steal books from them and start chewing on them.
 -still eats a lot of food, but has definitely started showing a preference for certain foods - namely NOT veggies.
-has started to become difficult to nurse this past month, biting me and screaming at me during the night time feeding because my milk wasn't coming fast enough.  So I have now cut the afternoon feeding out (4/5pmish) and have been giving her my frozen milk or whole milk during that time (so that I have enough milk to feed her before bed).  So we have technically started the weaning process. I thought I would be super sad but since it started out of a quest to not have my nipples bitten anymore... I've actually been ok with it!
 -gets comments on how beautiful her eyes are all the time!
-loves her paci and loves playing a game of putting it in her mouth and then putting it in my mouth... she thinks it's hilarious
 -hardly lets me put a bow on her anymore... and has become quite the opinionated little lady!
- started giving kisses, either that or likes to just come at my face with her open mouth and rub her tongue and teeth all over me... either way, it's cute.
-seems to understand "all done" sign language I've been teaching her - lately she'll start to pull her bib off when I sign "all done".
 -Is sleeping pretty good, takes two 1-3 hour naps a day (usually averaging 3-3.5hrs/day)
-Did have a few rough days of not napping well which I believe was because of her molars (I literally had no idea they were coming in until one day I saw something white in the back of her mouth... I thought she had been sick and that was why she wasn't sleeping well, but I'm now thinking it was the teeth!)
-Has been hit or miss with "sleeping through the night" - some days she wakes between 6/7am, I'll nurse her and put her back down and she sleeps till 8/8:30am. Some days she sleeps on until 7:30 and then gets up for the day... I'm hoping to quit that early morning nursing with the introduction of whole milk... but we'll see!
 June - you are such a sweet, sweet, sweet little girl! I love snuggling you and hugging you and squeezing you so much.  I've lost track of any and every milestone you're supposed to be doing or things I'm supposed to be teaching you because I just love soaking you up and enjoying where you at right now... we'll get to all that other stuff later, right?  I love you so much peanut!