Sunday, July 24, 2016

4th of July

 We had a great 4th of July weekend in Akron (up until Hank started puking on the actual 4th, but that's a story for another post). We used to travel on the 4th of July and have spent many 4th's at friend's or family memeber's lake cabins. For a while I was sad we didn't have a lake to visit, but this year I was super excited just to be home. At this point in the summer we hadn't had many weekends at home and there are a lot of fun 4th of July activities in Akron that we look forward to each year now. It feels nice to have something to look forward to here in Akron. (I actually can remember our first year or so living here when I kept telling Ben one of the hardest things about moving was not having anything I was really looking forward to, so this is really a huge praise!)

We started our weekend by heading to get donuts at a town about 25 minutes away. I had heard good things about these donuts and figured it was worth making the drive at least once. The donuts did not disappoint! The store is called Peace. Love and Little Donuts and we got a dozen little custom donuts that were made right before our eyes. Flavors like cookies and cream, raspberry truffle and birthday cake. They were delicious!

Randomly, the town we were in ended up having a festival that day, making the donut trip even more worthwhile! We had fun having an impromptu festival day: checking out fire trucks, old time cars, bounce houses, festival food, dancing and rock walls.

 Note: the above picture is Saturday, July 2nd - Hank was in full spirits! Climbing rocks, eating donuts and corn dogs and being his usual self. Little did we know a few days later he would be rushed in for surgery.

On Sunday we did some chores and had our 2nd annual neighbor night were we invited friends from all around our neighborhood to cook out out in front of our houses. And on Monday we road bikes in the 50th annual Braewick parade, hung out with neighbors afterward and went to a 4th of July party at a friend Kate's parents house.

We had a great weekend - but the above picture was about where most of the fun ended. We went home and Hank started complaining of a stomach ache and started throwing up shortly after. More on that in the next post...

Friday, July 15, 2016

July Updates Part 2

Looking back through all my pictures, I'm beginning to realize why I've felt so behind on life lately! We had a BUSY July and August, and with school starting this September we are starting to finally slow down a bit. 

We had Jadyn and Jordyn for 2 weeks over the summer. We kept one with us while the other was at camp and then they rotated. During this time Ben's parents came out to visit and see one of Lucy's t-ball games and Nick also came out to visit. We went to the zoo...
(This bear was so close to the glass it was crazy! I had fun getting the girls pictures close to his head.)
We went hiking with Uncle Nick to one of our favorite places. There is a beautiful waterfall called Brandywine Falls. We love going out to view the falls and then hiking down to play in the creek below.

We also camped out in the backyard, complete with a cookout, campfire and s'mores.
We kept busy while Jadyn and Jordyn were here. Lots of visits to the pool, some shopping, and a few trips out to eat. We had fun one day going out to eat at Steak 'n Shake.
 And volunteered with our church packing meals to send to starving children.
 And this little one kept her sass up full steam...

 Her pants got messed up while we were at Lucy's tball game and I was unprepared. This is how June spent most of the game. It was cracking me off. She is such a fun, free-spirit.

 Lucy and her good friend Emilia enjoying a post game watermelon snack!

Saturday, July 9, 2016

June Happenings

 This little peanut graduated herself to a big girl bed... and her mama lost a little piece of her heart.  We packed up the crib and switched the girls rooms so June is not actually sleeping in below pictured bed (we needed her in a bed with rails, and Lucy's top bunk bed was perfect for this little pea pod!)

First day of summer! AND National Donut Day! It was a dream come true. We ate Krispy Kreme and Dunkin Donuts and then headed to the pool to celebrate!

I went to the Dixie Chicks concert with a couple friends...

Bubs fell asleep in the front yard... this boy... oh my heart.  He plays hard and sleeps hard. Love him so!

We went to Abby and Ellie's birthday party!

These two were mischievous during quiet time...

But the marker only ended up on their faces, so I was happy!

We celebrated my birthday! 
Ben and I went out for breakfast while a friend watched the kids and we even fit in a little shopping!
While the kids were having a blast :)
Ben planned an awesome day - took me out, made me a cake, got me a present (a new bike helmet!), and planned a picnic in the park. And Katy hired a cleaning lady to clean the house while we were away.  I had such a great day celebrating! It was the perfect birthday.

We've hung out with our neighbor friends!

And gotten messy with paints! 

We also got invited to an Rubber Ducks game.  Our friends had a suite and invited us to share in the fun! The kids weren't very in to the game, but we were able to keep them somewhat entertained and tried to convince them that getting to go to a baseball game and sit in a suite was a BIG Deal!

We've been to the library lots! It's one of my favorite places to go and in the summer the library puts on special programming.  This time we got to see Outback Ray and his wild animals!


And the thing we've probably done the most is the pool! We got a membership to a gym this summer that includes a pool and it's the kids favorite thing to do.  I should say it's really Hank's favorite thing to do, he would choose to go to the pool every day if he could... and Lucy always ends up seeing friends there so she loves it too. 
 They all really seem to have a blast while we're there!

We went to Wolf Creek Winery for a friends birthday. This is one of my favorite spots in Akron - it's beautiful, there's wine, you can bring your own food, and the kids love running around and playing. It's perfect! 

We watched the Cavs win a National title with neighbors...

And we went to see Finding Dory with friends... 

We've had a busy summer so far and I've been loving having all my babes home! They may create a little more chaos and a little more mess, but I'll take it if it means slow mornings, extra snuggles, and lots of playing. 

And then, just for fun, here are a few videos of June trying to wrestle daddy and giving her best Guido face.  Love this little sassy pants.