Monday, October 31, 2016

Pumpins, Patches, Parties and Lots of Fall Fun!

October was another busy month for us - so much fun with fall activities and Halloween.  I think the kids trick-or-treated 3 different times (and I managed to forget to take a picture of all three of them), we carved pumpkins with Beth and Chad (didn't get a picture of these either!), painted pumpkins, and celebrated at both the kids schools.
Lucy decked out in her teen fall clothes, being the photographer at Hank's soccer practice.  Love her so much!

We went to Stan Hywet for Ohio  Mart. A friend gave us free tickets and my dad was in town, so it was the perfect way to spend a Saturday afternoon. We didn't look at many of the booths (because of the three crazy people above), but the weather was so nice we were able to enjoy the grounds and also took a little tour of the house.
Hank had his annual preschool field trip to Luther Farms. This was our 4th year going, and most freedom I've had since we moved her.  The first year I was pregnant with that little bean, second year I had three kids to keep control of and last year both Hank and June were still too young to fully enjoy the pumpkin patch. This year I went with no diaper bag and two kids who could particpate in all the fun... we had a good day!

This was one random day after school. Lucy and Hank were sitting on the front porch having a snack talking for almost 30minutes. It was pretty sweet to watch. Some of the conversation...
"Remember like 3 years ago when June was in mommy's tummy"
"I think George Washington created Halloweeen"
"Don't eat too much candy corn or you'll fart your guts out"

We went to a pumpkin patch as a family. This was not as fun. It was a warm Saturday in October and I think it was the last Saturday before Halloween so this place was crazy. We didn't even make it on the tractor to go to the pumpkin patch and our kids pretty much just played in the corn and on the swing set the whole time. I told Ben we should have just saved $20 and gone to a playground.

We did have fun seeing all the animals though!

1 year later... this is the fence Emily had taken our family photos at one year ago... I definitely capture as good of a picture
This is a funny picture because I caught the little rodent who destroyed our pumpkins... oh and Ruthie was just lying there watching it happen.  Sure she barks at everything else, but this guy she just lets roam our front porch.  I don't know why this year was different, but we could not keep our pumpkins away from the squirrels this year. They destroyed 5 total.

Luckily I kept a few inside and we were able to paint pumpkins (and later I grabbed a couple extra to carve with Beth and Chad)

Hank's halloween preschool party....

The only pictures I got in costumes this year! Shoot... better luck next year...


 Hank played soccer for JumpStart this fall. I was hoping Lucy would have an interest too, but she didn't want to play. Hank seemed to really enjoy soccer and I think will play again next fall.
 We had fun playing on the sidelines and taking a few pictures while running around!

My dad came out to visit too! We had fun watching Hank, going to Mr. Zubs, Ohio Mart (at Stan Hywet) and enjoying the beautiful fall weather with an outdoor movie night! The kids loved spending a weekend with Poppa Duke!

 These two love each other so much! After game Hugs...