Sunday, December 27, 2015

Thanksgiving 2015

We celebrated Hank's birthday in Indy.  His birthday landed on Thanksgiving this year, so we decided to celebrate the day before. His request was pizza, football and to hang out with Jordyn and his uncles.  I think we delivered on his request...

We had the party at the Wehner's home.  And most of our family and friends were able to attend: Mimi, Poppa Duke, Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle Luke and Emily (who took all these photos for me! thank you Emily!!!), Uncle Nick, Uncle Matt, Jadyn, Jordyn, Sean, Katy and Brandon. 

We played football, ate pizza, opened presents and had cake.  Hank received lots of sports clothes, a punching bag, a remote control dinosaur, a piggy bank, 2 new coats, a construction worker outfit, a racetrack, a batmobile, some new clothes, and a frisbee.

All in all it was a great day celebrating our big 4 year old boy!

Of course we celebrated a bit more on Thanksgiving day with a few more presents in the morning (Ben and I did the drumstick dash, so we didn't get to have our usual sprinkle pancakes) and cake at my grandparents.

A few other highlights: Skyzone with Jadyn and Jordyn...

And Ruth Chris with my mom....

Saturday, December 26, 2015


November continued to be a full month! I'm  hoping maybe to catch up on life during the winter months... I've got Hank's birthday and halloween and now Christmas pictures to post, but I'll start with a few random november pictures.

I took the kids up to the Cleveland Children's Museum one day when Lucy had off school.  I had such a nice day with the three of them, I miss having my big baby girl at home!!


June made a lot of messes...

We've babysat a lot to earn Komae points.  These two were adorable as I took them to the post office.  Unfortunately the adorableness lasted about 15minutes and then June had enough of the post office and threw a tantrum.  I ended up having to walk out of the post office without mailing my package.... 

We took school pictures! (I lost Lucy's!! :( So I'm hoping to reorder them)

June finally grew enough hair for a pony and piggy tails!!!

Katy came to visit and we went out for fancy bloody marys and went shopping... it was a great girls weekend!

Lucy started cheerleading (yikes!) Can't believe I am allowing my daughter to do cheerleading... but it's what she wanted!!