Sunday, June 30, 2013


 The past two months have brought about some major changes in our life (hence the lack of blogging)!  All of these changes started back in the beginning of May, but I feel to do this story justice I should really begin back in 2006 when Ben and I first graduated and got our real jobs.  I knew from the beginning that while a career with Otis Elevator would mean a ton of amazing benefits, it would also mean an inevitable move (or moves) in our future.  Otis has branches all over the US and in order for Ben to be promoted and move up in the company he would eventually be moved to different branches to expand his expertise.  

The first move took us from Cincinnati (where we started) back to Indianapolis - we were sad to leave Cincy, but elated to be moving closer to our family and friends.  We lived happily in Indy for five and a half years, but as the time got longer, I knew the impending next move was only getting closer.  Fortunately, over the past two years in particular, God had been working on my heart, getting me ready to leave everything that seemed familiar safe and good.  So when Ben mentioned a few opportunities within Otis this past winter, I was sad, but also at peace with the idea of leaving Indy.

So back to May... Ben came home one day from work and mentioned that his boss had called and told him about a manager position that was basically his, if he wanted it.  It sounded like a pretty sure deal, but because a few other opportunities had come and gone in the past, I was careful not to get my hopes up (or start the grieving process too early!) 

Well sure enough, the offer was just too good to pass up and after lots of prayer Ben accepted the offer to be manager of the Otis Akron branch.  While we don't know anyone in Akron, and probably never would have picked Akron as our top place to live, we did like that it is only about 5 hours from Indy and one of my sorority sisters who lived here for several years was able to get me lots of details on where to live, preschools to go to, doctors to see, etc.  Things could have been worse... 

Otis has also taken really good care of us along the way - paying for the entire move, a house hunting trip and for the temporary housing (where we are now!) we have while we wait for our new house to be ready to move into on July 8th.  Here's a sneak peek...
 So the months of May and June were kind of a whirlwind - we met with realtors, got the house staged to sell (which involved choosing and having carpet installed withing 3 days, and what felt like a lot of other time consuming changes), and then had 10 showings the first weekend we put it on the market (which could have been bad with 2 kids and a dog, but fortunately we missed about 6 of them while visiting friends in Cincinnati).
 We got an offer after 2 days on the market and went under contract immediately.  What a huge blessing! With that out of the way, we focused our attention on finding a place to live in Akron.  June consisted of a week house hunting in Akron (just Ben and I, the Wehners watched the kids... we were so thankful!), a week in Florida (just for fun!) and then a week getting packed up to move (well, that really just took a day... but it felt like a crazy week!)
 I think that mostly gets the blog caught up on our life over the past two months, oh and I should probably mention one other minor detail... I got one of these the week after we found out about the move to Akron...
 I love the above picture because it's actually the way Ben found out about the pregnancy.  We hadn't necessarily been planning to get pregnant (we wanted a third, but not for a couple months), but after a long day at the Children's Museum with the kids I just couldn't shake the idea that something funny was going on with my body.  My stomach had felt kind of bloated and I was having the slightest ligament pain when I would wake up in the morning - something I only had while I was pregnant with Luc and Hank, but something I didn't experience till late in pregnancy with both of them.  Needless to say, there wasn't much evidence, but we were meeting up with our Bible study for a Mexican-themed dinner that night and I wanted to feel totally comfortable having a margarita so I grabbed a 3 pack of pregnancy tests on our way home from the Museum (knowing I'd need to use the other 2 in the next few months when we actually started trying).  Obviously the picture says it all - I tried to call Ben (who had no idea I was even thinking I might be pregnant) but he didn't pick up, so I texted him the above picture and said "you might want to call me".  

Despite both of us being shocked (apparently even after the third time around we still don't fully understand how this whole baby making thing happens) we were both super excited and were even more excited when we got to see the little peanut and find out the due date would be December 31st - fitting perfectly with our other holiday babies! 
 (The above picture is actually at 12 weeks.)
Needless to say, being in my first trimester while going through all of the above was a little less than desirable.  So far, this pregnancy has been almost exactly the same as the other two - feeling nauseated but never getting sick, very tired, lots of salty food cravings, and feeling hungry round the clock.  And like the other two pregnancies most of those systems have gone away now that I am 13 weeks - but I do find myself ready to pass out every night at 9pm. 

While I felt pretty crappy during all of the moving prep, I was pretty thankful to still be in Indy during this time, where friends and family could love and support us and help care for our family in ways that I could have never imagined.

Can't believe this little guy is going to be a big brother! But at least he'll be older than Lucy was when she became a big sister :)

Monday, June 24, 2013

Hank 18 Months

 This post is pretty late.  In fact, I'm pretty behind on updating the blog in general but we've had a lot going on that I will talk more about in a different post.  For now I need to do an update on our little man. 
 These past months have brought a lot of fun but also a lot of whining from Hank. He seems pretty opinionated lately, but doesn't have the vocabulary to communicate those needs so I hear a lot of grunting, whining and crying throughout the day.  And it seems he can't get enough of his momma lately.  He wants to be held a lot and is pretty shy around new people.  Fortunately, he does have a new found love for daddy (something Lucy never had at that age, and still doesn't really have!) and has even pushed me away when I've tried to take him out of Ben's arms.  I have loved it! Not that I don't love the snuggles and being the preferred parent sometimes, it's just nice to have a break every once in a while!
 Lucy and Hank have a bit of a love-hate relationship.  They can play together really well, but I am finding that we are entering the sibling rivalry stage as they fight over toys and have learned to communicate their frustrations with each other by hitting and throwing tantrums.  When they aren't "fighting", it has been a true joy to watch the relationship grow between these two and see that they really are best friends (for right now).

This photo shoot was actually started after Hank's first time out.  He hit Lucy (something he just recently started doing) so I told him he had to do a time out.  I sat him in Lucy's time out spot, walked away, and then watched as he patiently waited in the spot until I came to get him.  It was so darn cute and he was sitting so sweetly, I had to go grab my camera! I'm not sure why, but he seems to get time outs or "breaks".  Part of me wonders if it's because he has seen Lucy do them so much.  I'm not sure if he fully gets that it is a punishment, but we will often use it as more of a break or time to calm down if he is frustrated about a situation (i.e. throwing a tantrum). 
As he has been since birth, this little man is WILD.  These last few months have brought on lots of crazy stunts that have lead to lots of blood, tears, and a stressed out momma!  Hank will do anything, try anything and has absolutely no fear.  And he is actually pretty tough, people often can't believe that he doesn't cry after a fall or if he does cry he usually gets over it pretty fast. 
His favorite words (and consequently things) are ball, truck, and mama.  I was a bit worried about his speech, but he has around 15 words and the doctor said for a second child and a boy that is great for 18 months! 
He loves to throw balls (or anything really), play t-ball, play with cars/truck, point out trucks we see on the road, ride his bike down our drive way, go for walks in the wagon, swim (which includes jumping in off the side to dad) or play in the tub, swing (for awhile he would swing almost the entire time we would be at a park), play chase or hide and seek, jump on the trampoline (as long as Lucy isn't on there too), being outside in general, dancing, "talking" on the phone and pushing things (which at our house is usually a baby doll stroller or a grocery cart... we really need to invest in one of those toy lawn mowers!) 
He is overall a pretty good sleeper, although I find that he is about a half hour to an hour off of Lucy (what she is now and what she kind of always has been).  He usually sleeps 7:30pm-7am (although I try not to get him out of the crib until closer to 7:30am) and takes one nap around 1 or 1:30pm for 1.5-3 hours (usually 2 hours on average).  Whereas Lucy usually always sleeps in until 7:30 or even 8am... I'm guessing I was a bit spoiled with that.
 And here are a few videos from the past couple months.  The one with Hank riding his bike shows what he does every time we go outside - rides the hill down our driving and then stops or curves at the end so he won't go in the street... I was so impressed with this move!
We had a late stomach flu bug in our house and it was a bad one.  Lucy was throwing up for 3 days so we had a lot of TV days in the family room.  Hank was pretty understanding and gave Lucy as kiss to make her feel better.  He has been giving the best hugs and kisses lately!