Tuesday, February 24, 2015

June's Birthday Party

 These posts are way late, but a cute little 1 year old tipped our laptop off the kitchen table and busted it. It is back in business now (after a lot of drama trying to fix it!) and I'm finally getting some pictures up from her first birthday. 
 We had our small group over to celebrate.  After just being home for the holidays, we didn't think it made sense to do anything big with our families, but a first birthday is a big deal and we wanted to celebrate our sweet June bug.
 My friend Amy owns an in-home bakery and made these cake pops and cake for me.  They turned out awesome!
  I kind of went a little overboard with the pictures - but that's ok! I hung up 10-15 pictures from each of June's first 12 months of life all around the house.  It was so fun to see her precious face, watch how she has grown, and remember all of the great times we have had with our baby girl over the past year.
 I was shocked - June didn't dive right into the cake! She definitely has a sweet tooth, far more than her brother and sister, but I think she got a little stage fright!
 Big sis helped a little...


 Sneaking a cake pop...
 And mad when mom takes it away!
 Happy birthday little peanut! We love you so much!