Friday, August 7, 2015

Lucy 5 Years

So this is WAY late, but I figured as always on this blog... better late, than never! 
Lucy at 5 years old is:
-3feet 9in (92%), 50lb 4oz (92%)
-Reading really well! I'm no expert, but I think she is probably reading at a 1st grade level.  She can pick up most any book and get through it without much help.  It has blown my mind to watch her reading skills take off.
-Loves riding her bike and being active outside.  She learned last summer and has really taken off this year.

-Did a whole year of dance and had mixed feelings about it.  She liked her teacher and her classmates, and I think the "girly-ness" of it all, but didn't love the outfit (it was "too itchy") and I don't think she loved the coordination involved (she gets that issue from her mom...)
-Is a total girly-girl, loving anything pink, dressy, fancy, etc.  She loves to wear dresses or skirts, do her nails, put on make-up (when I let her, which is when we aren't going anywhere) and playing with other little girls.

-Has an amazing imagination and is does great at independent play.  She usually has no problem staying in her room for 1.5-2 hours at quiet time and has sometimes asked me to leave her alone when I've gone in to get her too early.  She plays school and church and birthday party  with her stuffed animals, loves to draw and write (she does a great job attempting to spell words), and loves to read. 
-Is a great listener and continues to overall want to do the right thing and listen to her mom and dad.  The thing she probably gets the most in trouble with is being sassy or having an attitude, but she is usually quick to turn it around after a break in her room or after talking with me about the problem. 
-For the most part gets along well with her brother and sister and is usually my biggest helper during the day.  I give her little tasks to help me with June and help getting out the door and she is always willing to help. 

-Seems to be growing super fast! She is definitely on the bigger side for most kids her age and also seems to be more mature.  I think she'll do awesome in Kindergarten, which is starting this fall!!!
-Is very emotionally aware and sensitive - checking in with us when we  are upset and working to make situations right when she knows I'm not happy about her behavior.
-Lost her first tooth a few weeks ago!!
-Loves being social and having playdates and plans every day.  A few of her favorite friends right now: Estella and Mason (our next door neighbors who we play with almost daily in the summer), Wesley (from Bible study), Abby and Ellie (from preschool) and Emilia (another neighbor). 

Lucy: we love you so much.  You are such a smart, beautiful, generous, loving, and kind little girl.  We rely on you so much to step up and be the big sister and you fill that role so well.  You are a joy to be around and bring laughter, fun and light to our days.