Monday, June 27, 2016

May Happenings

Mother's Day program at Lucy's school. Loved spending some one on one time with my big girl. She is so sweet and loving and I treasured getting to see her in her element. 

Park days with my two sidekicks...


Lucy lost her other front tooth.  She was front-toothless for a while. It took over 2 months before her adult teeth starting coming it, it was crazy!

Making cupcakes (and licking the batter...)

Hank's Mothers Day program. He was such a handsome little cowboy, and it was so sweet spending the morning with this special boy.  He can be wild and crazy, but he also has a gentle, loving side to him as well.

We toured a fire station with Lucy's girl scout troop...

We saw Peter and the Wolf, a play put on by the Akron Symphony and a local theater with Hank's preschool class...

Snuggles with this sweet little girl... she has been fighting us at naptime and bedtime, so she's been a little extra snuggly lately (and a little extra cranky too!) Luckily once she falls asleep, she's down, but it's been taking a while lately to get her too bed.  Welcome to the terrible twos...

We went to the zoo one day before school let out... I even let these two ride the train.

We babysat our friends Penny and Wesley and went for an adventure. The kids and I walked/biked to the park and library and played and got books.  We had a fun afternoon together!

Signing yearbooks the last week of school...

Memorial Day weekend fun with our neighbors. All the adults were trying to get work done so we swapped having the kids play in each of our backyards.

We dog sat one week... June was a bit confused as to what this cage was supposed to be used for...

Ben went to the Indy 500 on Memorial Day weekend and the evening after he left Hank ended up puking all night. Yikes... He was finally feeling better by the afternoon so I took all the kids to McDonald's for dinner and ice cream.
Let's just say he was feeling A LOT better...
McDonald's is definitely an interesting place to be on Memorial Day weekend. We were the only people there and it felt weird not cooking out with friends and family, but the kids were happy and I was happy to get out of the house, so it all worked out!

And then we had Penn Station on Monday night after Ben got back. I told him it felt weird not cooking out, but we had just cooked out on Friday night with life group and on Saturday night with friends, so I guess we got enough cooking out it in.
You can never have enough fries!

And this little peanut is getting better and better at pedaling! She is becoming a pro at her big wheel!


Friday, June 24, 2016

Lucy 6 Year Update

 I'm a few months behind on this update, but wanted to get an update on Lucy at 6 years old! Lucy has grown so much in this past year, from starting Kindergarten to loosing 6 teeth, she has become a whole different kid!  She is an extremely smart, outgoing, friendly little girl and we are so proud of who she is becoming.

At school Lucy really shines! She is an awesome reader and was even pulled up to the next grade level to get practice reading with the first graders.  She flew through her assignments with ease and was the furthest along in her word lists out of everyone in her class by the end of the year.  Lucy also excels at math and seems to overall be a very bright kid. Ms. Pernice, her kindergarten teacher, would sing Lucy's praises when we met during conferences, saying things like "Lucy is one of the brightest kids I've taught" and "Lucy is so mature".  Not only did Lucy excel academically, she also also got strong behavior reports and would get "clipped up" most days.  We're so thankful to have a daughter that shines academically and with her personality as well!

While Lucy seemed to do a great job listening and following the rules, she also seemed to be a social butterfly at school (really the best of both worlds!) She seemed to be friends with almost everyone and it seemed most kids loved her too! Her class was mostly boys, so many of her friends were little boys this year.  That was something different, as she seemed to gravitate towards other little girls in preschool, but I'm not sure if that is going to stick around or was just a matter or ratios and kids available to play with. Some of her closest friends were Molly, Kenny, Colton, Dylan, and Noah. For the most part we didn't encounter too many problems at school, she only came home crying one day when one of her friends said she "didn't want to be her friend".  Lucy was SO upset, it broke my heart, but we talked through what happened and I tried to make her feel better.  Ultimately I think it was a misunderstanding, and I don't think that was what the friend intended, but it was tough to see her hurt like that! Her favorite thing to do at school was journal writing and her favorite special was gym. 

It was hard for me to have Lucy gone for so many hours of the day, I missed her a lot! I wasn't able to volunteer a ton in her classroom and I often felt a little in the dark on what was going on, so I had a rough year letting go of my baby girl.  It was a big adjustment! Fortunately Lucy did not seem phased by the change at all and really seemed to thrive at school.  She loved going to school and missed it when she wasn't there.  I pulled her out for a dentist appointment one day and she was upset that she had to miss part of her class.  We are really fortunate to have a daughter that is so eager to learn!

This past year we tried cheerleading, soccer and girl scouts.  Lucy doesn't seem to have a strong affinity for any sport in particular although she does seem to be more excited about the "girly-er" sports like dance, cheer, gymnastics, etc.  Its been hard for me to tell what exactly we should invest our time in, so currently we've been trying a bit of everything.  In her free time she LOVES to read, after we've gone to the library and gotten new books she will sit for hours, completely blocking out the world, reading. She also loves to draw, play with friends, play with her baby dolls, dress up, and play outside (ride bikes, go to the park, swim in the pool, jump on the trampoline).

Lucy is a big helper at our house, I rely on her a lot to help me get June and Hank ready or to entertain and play with them.  That was another reason it was hard having her gone, she typically plays great with June and Hank and helps organize play for the three of them.  We are excited to have her home this summer! She is overall a really good kid but every once in a while she gets into a funk and gets a little attitude.  Typically a break in her room helps to calm her down and seems to work well for discipline.  We have also tested out a small allowance this year and Lucy seems to respond really well to that.  She gets $2 for doing chores throughout the week and she actually has done great getting the chores done without complaining about them. 


She is a snazzy, opinionated dresser and usually leaves the house in something a bit "crazy" (as I like to call it).  I had a realization this year that her carefree style was fleeting though and eventually she would start caring about what other people think and what the latest styles are - it made me appreciate the freedom she has right now. She chooses what she wants to wear because SHE likes it, not because of what anyone else thinks.  I love that about her.

I love you so much Lucy-girl! You are such a joy to be around! You are so smart, so disciplined, so sweet, and so helpful.  You are my little rule-follower and so often I feel like you are my mini-me, which makes me so happy and also makes me a bit nervous at times.  You can be sensitive at times like mommy, but you are also a super hard worker like mommy too! I hope I can always fuel your passions and tend to your heart when things are hard, but I know I will sometimes fail.  That is why we ultimately want you to look back to your heavenly Father when times are tough and the world is failing you.  He is always a good and perfect father, and fortunately I think you already have a good understanding of that.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Preschool Graduation, Kindergarten Graduation and Last Day of School

 Hank wrapped up preschool with a bowling party.  He finished the 3's class with Ms. Megan and will be going into pre-k next year with Ms. Nichole. Overall Hank learned a lot this year and we are really thankful for the impact his teachers had on him- teaching him all his letters, how to write his name, numbers, shapes, and lots of other things!

 Hank's class: Hank, Olivia, Jackie and Will


 And Lucy graduated from Kindergarten shortly after!

 This girl has grown so much (both physically and academically) over the past year - it's amazing! She is so beautiful inside and out, we feel so incredibly thankful and lucky to call her our daughter.  We are continually impressed with how smart she and how quickly she learns, and we are equally impressed with how sweet, kind, and polite she is too!

 Lucy loved her teacher, Ms. Pernice! She was obsessed with going to school every day and truly loved having Ms. Pernice.  For that we are so thankful!

 Last day of Kindergarten!