Saturday, December 31, 2016

Thankfulness in December

December is already a pretty full month, but as I was looking through my pictures I found a few random photos that had nothing to do with Christmas and everything to do with things that brought me joy... so I decided to add a thankfulness post for December!
I pulled out some marshmallows and toothpicks and the kids had so much fun playing one afternoon. I'm thankful they are still so entertained by the little stuff in life.  Lucy said - "mom take my picture and put it on instagram"... haha, this girl is getting a little too into social media these days.
Ben and I were given a night away at a bed and breakfast by our small group and we did a babysitting swap with my good friend from Indy, so we were able to get away for a couple nights in December and relax at the beautiful bed and breakfast and get some Christmas shopping done.

Thankful for shopping trips with June where she documents our progress. Haha, found this photo on my phone and had to laugh... June was snapping pictures while I was shopping. I love spending the days with her and am already feeling a bit sad that she'll be at school two mornings next week.
These two girls love reading. I have found the two of them (and Ruthie) snuggled up on Lucy's bed reading so many times. I'm thankful Lucy's love of reading is rubbing off on June.
Seriously, this girl loves to read. So thankful for her.
Thankful for icy roads and snow that helped us get to school on a sled this afternoon.  Everyone at the schoolyard thought I was super mom for taking the kids on a sled, but it really was the most practical way to go. Our roads don't get paved so taking the sled was much easier than the stroller!
We took cookies up to Ben's work before Christmas and also took him out for lunch. The kids love going up to visit Dad at work!
Ben changed after work and Hank saw what he was wearing and immediately changed to dress like him. I'm thankful for how much these kids adore their dad.
Hank went sledding down our icy steps. I love how adventurous this kid is and how much he loves to play outside. Thankful for his spirit.

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Christmas in Florida

 We left Christmas Day at noon for Panama City Beach. After opening presents, we told each kid they could grab one toy and we headed for the airport. The morning didn't seem too rushed (as we had done a lot of prepping the day prior) and the kids had gotten up a little extra early since it was Christmas morning and all.  Based on the below pictures of the only napping child, can you tell which one woke up first???

We took a plane to Atlanta (our first time all flying together!) which went very smoothly and then rented a car and drove the rest of the way to Panama City. The tickets were WAY cheaper this way (thank you Mimi!), but the 5 hour drive we had in a tiny rental car definitely sounded better in theory. We were all ready to  be in Florida after the first hour and it was hard coming up with stuff for the kids to do with the limited resources I had (you can't pack the same for a road trip when your first leg is spent flying)!

Nonetheless we made it! And it was all worth it in the end to get to spend a few days in 70 degree weather and to see the sunshine almost every day! The weather wasn't perfect and we ended up having a few mornings with really thick fog, but overall it was warm enough to get outside, swim (in the heated pool and hot tub) and rent a golf cart (of course).

This picture taken just before we got a mile down the road and our golf car completely died... Fortunately we got a new one and spent our foggy day exploring! Mom's condo is really close to a ton of shops and food so we got ice cream, walked around and road up and down the strip. Ben's idea of a perfect vacation day.

We didn't spend a ton of time on the beach since it was a little chilly, but we did fly a kite one day and walked home form Sharky's one night after dinner.

On the way home our flight from Atlanta left pretty early so we headed to Atlanta the night before and stayed at the Embassy Suites, which was amazing! My friend Amy gave me this tip - all of their rooms are suits and they have a free cocktail hour with drinks and snacks and a free breakfast! I highly recommend going there for any families that need a stopping point on their vacation or just want a fun night away!

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Christmas Day

 We opened presents Christmas morning before heading to Florida. The kids had a blast and it was so fun having all of our presents in one place and getting to see them open everything at once.
 A few of the favorites...
June got a frozen power wheel, frozen bike, peppa pig toys and a few other random things.
Hank got hot wheels, a gun that shoots out cars, a zipline, a computer, and a go pro.
Lucy got an american girl doll, jewlery, a claire's gift card and a barbie dream house.

The kids all got stockings from Santa and Santa also brought a bounce house that was all set up and ready to jump on that morning in the basement!

 We also got a few memberships - one to the Akron Childrens Museum, one to Stan Hywet and one for an overnight at a waterpark hotel.

A few videos from Christmas morning...a

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Christmas Eve with the Wehners

Since we didn't go to Indy for Christmas (we flew out of Akron Christmas Day), Ben's family came out to see us the couple days before Christmas. We had so much fun celebrating Christmas with them and checking out a few of the fun things in Akron. We went ice skating, down an ice slide and opened presents. Thankful we got to see a few of the Wehners at Christmas time!

Lucy got a Barbie Dream House, karaoke machine, and a few games...

Hank got a zipline, lego set, and a few action figure guys...

June got some playdough, a frozen bike and a few games as well....

After the Wehners left, we headed to Christmas Eve church at Grace. It was an awesome time with our family celebrating a tradition I have done since I was a little girl. Sitting in church with Lucy and Hank was not that awesome (they both got pretty squirmy), but we still had fun celebrating Christmas Eve as a family. I wanted to make my grandma's traditional italian sausage and green pepper dish but between the visitors and packing and present wrapping we ran out of time and we ended up just eating a cheese tray for dinner!

Merry Christmas!!!