Thursday, July 6, 2017

Beginning of Summer

 Our summer so far has looked like...

Last days of school...

 Girl Scout prizes for selling so many cookies!

New found card games (war) and lots of sunshine! 

Swim lessons! (this is what the first lesson looked like pretty much the whole time...)

She finally warmed up by the end of the month, but the first lesson was rough...

And lots of fun at the pool too!

Library adventures...

And a few dramatic performances (above - a puppet show at the library and below- the "Florida Rockstars" inaugural performace!)

And a visit from our cousins and Grace basketball camp!

The kids had a blast at camp and it was a great week having Jadyn and Jordyn. Jadyn and I helped at camp for a few hours a day with June while the middle 3 kids participated in the camp fun. The kids all got along really well and it was great having the big kids around to help! I even got a few errands done while Jadyn watched June!!

We have had a busy and full summer so far! I didn't grab any pictures, but Hank also participated in Safety Town the first week of summer. June was a good month!! But hoping July brings a bit more slow days and pool days!

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Grace Church Basketball

Jadyn and Jordyn came out this week for Grace church basketball camp. Our whole family had a lot of fun! Jadyn and I volunteered, with June as our sidekick and Jordyn, Lucy and Hank all particpated in the camp. The younger kids all loved the camp and it was fun for Jadyn and I to serve together - have something we could do together while helping others. Some of the days were definitely exhausting, and some days June didn't quite understand the concept of volunteering, but overall we had fun!

Having 5 kids in my care this week was definitely a lot of work - but totally feasible with the help of camp! The kids were entertained all day and I even got a little free time while Jadyn watched June and I worked out, grocery shopped, and ran errands by myself!! I could get used to having a 13 year old around!!!