Saturday, July 19, 2014

July Happenings

 So far this summer...

We've gone to the park a lot
(loving Hank's style lately...)

 We've celebrated the Fourth of July, Akron style...
 We've played in the rain
Hank came downstairs dressed like this and said- "Mom, it's wet outside so I got gloves"

We've read a lot...
 We've visited June's dermatologist...
 We've played in the rain some more...

Friday, July 18, 2014

Bike Riding

We have two very big, rock star kids at our house these days.

Lucy is riding a bike with no training wheels!!

And Hank is riding his big sister's bike!! (please excuse the pink... Lucy is riding Hank's bike and Hank is riding Lucy's bike, but it's easier for Lucy to learn on the small bike, so for the time being Hank gets the pink one...)
Little 500 here we come!!!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

June 6 Months

 I didn't do June's traditional photo shoot this month - I took so many pictures of her on the Fourth of July, I decided to be efficient and use those pictures here! 

June at 6 Months:
-Is sitting up like a pro! Although I still would  not leave her alone because she usually ends sitting with a roll to the side or falling backwards
-Is moving around! She isn't crawling, but she's rolling and squirming and doing her best to get places.  She will get up on all fours, but doesn't go anywhere from there
-Loves putting everything in her mouth.  She will reach out for my face and pull me towards her and then give me a big, open-mouthed kiss right on the nose
-Loves watching her brother and sister
-Squeals and laughs at Lucy and Hank all the time
-Is so interactive and engaging and fun to play with 
-Has started showing some signs of "stranger danger", sometimes crying when I hand her to someone, or just not smiling at strangers.  Although she usually does great when I drop her off at the church nursery.
-Takes 2 good naps a day and one shorter nap (same schedule as last month)
-Has started the de-swaddle, de-pillow process.  I was started to notice that June wasn't consistently sleeping great anymore, so I took the pillows out of her crib and have 1 arm out of her swaddle and so far she is doing great.  I definitely think her nap length has shortened a bit, but she is still sleeping pretty good. 
-Night sleep is all over the board.  I've started refusing to feed her before 3am... some nights this means she's fussing from 1-3am on and off, some nights we don't hear a peep out of her till 3 or 4am... Once both arms are out of the swaddle, I'm hoping we can rely on her to get her pacis back in on her own and go in a lot less.  We have stopped going in as much this month, but I feel bad leaving her completely alone in the crib since she's still semi-swaddled.
-Continues to be really easy going during the day, only fussing right before she is ready to lay down for a nap.
-Is offered solids at most meal times, but only eats randomly.  Some days she will eat 1-2 really good meals, and some days she will eat nothing.  She's still all over the board.
-Got her first two teeth! 
-Visited the dermatologist for the 2nd time.  We have stopped treatment on her hemangioma because it wasn't doing anything.  The doctor feels pretty confident that it will go away on it's own, but we will reassess when she is 2.5 or 3 and decide if we want to have it removed by laser.  We get questions about it a lot, but I'm not too bothered by it.  The doctor did say that if it hasn't gone away when she's older and she notices people looking at it, that is good enough reason to have it removed because it can affect the way her personality grows and develops.

Height - 25.9in (52%), Weight - 15lb 1oz (29%), Head - 41.5cm (28%)

Fourth of July

  All dressed up and ready for the parade!
  Braewick Parade!
 Our neighborhood does a little street parade that consists of decorated bikes, wagons, strollers, etc., a few classic cars, boy scouts, and the national guard.  It was adorable and awesome and so much fun!
 Lucy decorated her bike and rode with our neighbor, Estella.
  Ben pulled Hank in the wagon.  (June slept at home while I watched the monitor and took pictures on the side line!)

 Neighbor Friends!  We are so lucky to have such awesome friends in our neighborhood!
  In love with this sweet girl!

 This is how we did fireworks... in the backyard, simple, and done in time for a normal bedtime!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Florida 2014

New Smyrna Beach, Florida (just outside of Daytona Beach)

Hank was obsessed with the ocean and his dad on this trip.  He could have stayed at the beach all day if we would have let him.
This little one did not love the beach.  I don't know exactly what it was - too sandy, too hot, too sunny - but she always seemed pretty fussy at the beach and didn't really love the pool either.  I suppose it could have just been that by the time I got her swimmie on, suit on, sun block on and packed her bag she was ready to go down for another nap.  Hopefully she'll have a better time next year!  She did nap and sleep pretty good at night.  She was sneaking in an extra night time feeding, but such is life on vacation I suppose...
The whole family went to Disney one day, and Ben and the big kids all went back for a second day.  Hank, June, Mimi and I stayed back at the beach house on the second day which was a GREAT decision.  Disney was HOT and so crowded and overall a not very magical experience.  Especially for June and I... poor baby was a trooper though and was pretty content to take naps in the baby bjorn and stayed happy despite it being super hot and not getting much sleep.  If we ever go back, we'll definitely make sure it is winter and during and off time.

Lucy was more of a pool girl this trip.  She liked going down to the ocean, but could have stayed at the pool all day if we let her.  She was really into jumping into the water on her own (without a life jacket, so we had to keep reminding her to tell an adult!) and swimming across the pool.  She is such a little fish and was doing a great job swimming all by herself!
Hank took a bit warming up, but he too was doing really well in the pool by the end of the week.  Putting his head under on his own

When not at the pool or beach, this girl was pretty happy.  It helped that my cousins, Jillian and Makenna, and niece, Jadyn, where there to give her attention whenever she wanted it.  Those girls couldn't get enough of little June bug!
A few more disney shots..

 Lucy meeting Ariel... This one one of the few "rides" we did without a Fast Pass... it waited 30 minutes, in a wind-blocked cave, while it was 95+ degrees outside, and the peanut slept on my chest.  Miserable.  Sweaty. Miserable.

 Right before leaving the park I realized we didn't get a classic group shot in front of the castle... so this was us scrambling to get a shot.  Pretty much sums up how we all feel... Except my face.  That smile is fake.

 These two... most days I can't get enough of their cuteness...
 June has been all over the place lately.  She isn't officially crawling yet, but between rolling and squirming, she gets places.  I set her on the below blanket and walked away for a minute and came back to find her all the way over here...
 Beach naps...

 My wild man boogie boarding...

Lucy meeting ariel...
June squirming around...
Hank boogie boarding...