Sunday, October 26, 2014

Halloween 2014

 Oh, I can't get enough of this peanut!!! She is so joyful and smiley and full of life these days!

 J and J visited with Mimi for the weekend, so we got to go to a pumpkin patch, carve pumpkins and trick or treat together!

 Clown, kitty cat, the Hulk, Elsa and a ninja

 "pose like your character!"

 This girl... I could just eat her up!
 Loving her eyes here!

Happy Halloween!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Lucy's Ballet Class

 We decided to allow Lucy to do one "activity" this year and she chose ballet (despite me trying to convince her to do soccer).  It's a pretty big commitment - but she seems to really love it, and one of our neighbors is doing the class too, so I'm hoping to connect with them and carpool throughout the year.  She is doing a ballet/tap combo class and has really loved the ballet but has sad the "tap is too hard and the shoes hurt" :)

 And here's what these two munchkins do while their sister is dancing!  They love watching themselves in the mirror!

June 9 Months


June at 9 Months is...
-Very mobile, crawling all over the place, cruising, standing not holding on to anything for 10+ seconds at a time
-Has 8 teeth
-Is a great eater (in fact, I can't understand how she is still rather small... this girl eats a ton! i.e. for breakfast this morning she had a whole banana and a bowl of oatmeal)... she's mostly eating finger foods with a few purees mixed in
-Is still nursing 5 times, once around 5:30/6:30am which I consider still "middle of the night" since she goes back to bed until 8/8:30am
-Is finally only taking 2 naps, typically from 10-11:30(ish) and 1:30/2-3:30/4pm
-Is talking a ton and communicating a ton.  She loves making silly sounds, saying ma ma ma ma and grunting.
-Loves, loves, loves laughing at her brother and sister and loves whenever they chase her
-Has been going to others great and is always a very happy baby (so her "babysitters" tell me)
-She was 17lbs (and something) at the doctor this past month... I accidentally left my paperwork, so I'm not sure oh her percentile, but I'm guessing she is about 30%