Sunday, September 21, 2014

June 8 Months

June at 8 Months...
-Has been growing and changing and developing a ton! She started crawling, waving, pulling to standing, and going from laying to sitting up this month (which meant lowering the crib and starting to baby proof around our house!)
-Was extremely sick.  June went through about 6 different sicknesses during the past several weeks.  This lead to a very cranky baby, a very frazzled mom and a lot of rough days.  I loved the extra cuddles June gave, and her sleep actually wasn't terribly affected at night, but naps kind of stunk this month and June was overall pretty fussy (understandably!)
-Now has 7 teeth!! I think most of them came during one of the sicknesses, so I actually didn't really notice because I was too busy focusing on cleaning up vomit and keeping her fever down. 
-Is nursing once in the middle of the night somewhere between 4-6a.m., and then sleeps on until 7:30-8:30a.m.
-Is FINALLY kicking that third nap, but wanted to hang on to it most of this past month (Instead of condensing her naps, she ended up taking three 45min - 1hr naps through the day).  She is finally close to giving it up, but if she doesn't take 2 good naps during the day she will add the third nap in on some days)
-Is eating great and is feeding herself a lot of things these days. Her pincher grasp started to develop more throughout the month and she is getting better at getting things in her mouth, but I still feed her a good amount of pureed foods as well.  
-Loves standing and has started to cruise a little, and stand without holding on to things for a few seconds (although that daring act she loves to do usually results in a lot of bumps and bruises.
-Is growing WAY too fast for this mama.  June seemed to jump a ton developmentally this month and it is making me feel sad that we are soon going to be out of the baby days.  No matter how much vomit was on me this month, or snot, or tears, I am still trying to soak up this girl every chance I get.
-Likes to tilt her head, burying it into my shoulder and "act shy" when people say hi to her.
-Loves paper and loves to eat paper (weird, but this girl will do anything to get to a piece of paper)
-Has gotten told she looks like  baby doll several different times (like I think 7 or 8 different times now, and all different occasions, and several people thought she was a baby doll until they looked closer!).  So many people comment on how beautiful she is and how striking her eyes are (I of course agree with them!)

Siblings! (Lucy, June, Hank)... each with their own unique looks here!  I get told she looks like Hank the most, but she reminds me the most of Lucy)
A few more random June shots from this past month...
Difficult diaper changes
Happy girl!

Watching brother and sister out front!
Stylish baby doll!

Her face most days as she watches her brother and sister...

 What I've been walking into this after nap times this month...

Sunday, September 14, 2014

August Happenings

 Lots of sick babies! Each kid had a stomach bug this month... and June had about 4 other sicknesses as well! I took her to the doctor twice because I thought for sure she had an ear infection, but it was all viral. I was thrown up on way too much this month. I think I've cleaned up my share of vomit for a life time.


We celebrated Ben's 31st birthday this month.  I planned a weekend of fun - we went out to eat, went swimming at a local wading pool, watched movies, went for a hike, and had lots of yummy food and snacks. This year we got him some sports goodies from Dick's... I think he was pretty happy with it all!

Hank and his tall socks.

 My little kitchen helper.

 My other little helper, and mini-me.
 Kristy and Jason came to visit! It was a rainy weekend, and Hank was being pretty cranky, but we improvised and had lots of fun walking around downtown, going to church, outlet shopping, and hanging out with the Krugers! We are so thankful they made the long trip out to Akron... such great friends!

 And some final summer days: swinging with daddy, eating watermelon poolside, and an outdoor moving night with our neighbors.  Thankful for warm days and fun with our family.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

June Crawling!!!

June started crawling a few weeks ago (about 7.5 months, I think)! She is still pretty slow and doesn't use it to get far, which has been nice for the most part, but I can tell that she is ready to start being able to get places fast.  She has more interest in standing and cruising, but crawling helps get her a little closer to the action for now.

Lucy: 1st Day of 4's Preschool

Lucy started her 2nd year of preschool this year (and her last year... she starts Kindergarten next year!!!)  She was super excited and has been loving going back to school already.  

Lucy is also 4.5 this month, so I thought it would be a good time to do an update.  Lucy at 4.5years...
-is such a sweet, loving, smart, little lady!
-loves reading, riding her bike (with no training wheels!), and playing with friends (Estella and Mason, Abby and Ellie, Amelia, Bible study friends)
-is a great listener and has become extremely obedient these past few months. She has a strong desire to please me and wants to do what is right.  If she is doing something she is not supposed to, I can usually start counting and she stops whatever it is and does what she is supposed to. 
-is super smart! She is reading basic words (and short books) and loves learning new things with me all the time.  She is my perfect little student! Her writing has also improved a ton these past few months and has become very clear.  She is also very observant and picks up on things and memorizes things very easily.
-is a great eater, loves veggies, and fruit and is always asking me what healthy things she can have.  She's even had Salmon and Ahi Tuna this month and loved them.
-Her favorite toys right now are coloring books, sticker books, tag books, her doll house, her baby dolls, and her dress up stuff.  And of course books - she loves reading and being read to, so I try to get fresh books from the library every 1-2 weeks.
-She loves helping me, so we usually cook a little together every week and she has been great at helping with some chores (putting away laundry, setting the table, clearing the table, etc.)
-Still needs help in the potty department.  She is accident free for the most part (even at night!), but we still have to encourage her to sit to pee, and have to make her sit to poop after dinner most nights.
-Loves her baby sister, although sometimes a little too much.  This, along with fighting with Hank, is what she probably gets in trouble for the most.  I'm often having to tell her to stop messing with June or to get along with Hank.  She is often the "bigger person" and finds a way to make Hank happy and and very sweet and gentle with him... but there are times when I have to play referee between the two of them.  
-Plays great independently - she still takes a 1-2hour quiet time, and has no problem entertaining herself and playing make believe that whole time (although I do give her a "quiet time" box to help pass the time as well, it usually includes puzzles, sticker books, markers, etc.)
-Is a natural leader, often directing play among her peers, even with children older than her (although sometimes I have to remind her not to be too bossy!)
-Sometimes gives us a little attitude and sass, but for the most part is super loving, cuddly, and such a joy to be around. 

Favorite Lucy Quotes:
I'm standing in the kitchen and over hear Lucy say to Hank- "and then, let's drop her down", I walk in to find Hank and Lucy lifting June, who is on a blanket, up into the air.... yikes...
I'm trying on my bridesmaid dress for an upcoming wedding and Lucy says, "You're going to look like a princess! Hank, close your eyes and just imagine it!"

Love you Lucy girl!