Friday, September 30, 2016

The Final Days of Summer: Rock n Roll Hall of Fame, Science Center, Bathroom Remodel, Oktoberfest and the Zoo!

On top of the two weddings our family was in this past year we had a lot of projects and fun... this post is an attempt to account for all that we did (so it's a bit long!!!)

We remodeled a bathroom! This was a big, long, stressful project... but it's so pretty now, I'm glad it's done! The bathroom was definitely outdated when we bought the house, but the project got bumped up on our to-do list because the sink and tub started leaking and I had finally had enough of the quick-fixes we had used to repair them. Overall we were happy with the final project, but getting there took a lot more time and money than we originally expected so that of course caused a bit of stress.  We also had a majority of the house painted and the project got messed up by the original painter, so we had to re-do half of his work... a bit of a stressful project as well!

We did have lots of fun too - my dad, sister and her kids came out to visit and we went to the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame, an Indians game and hung around our house cooking out on Labor day weekend.

We went for the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame, but we ended up getting to see parts of the air show downtown and caught a live concert of a cover band playing songs from the 90s. It turned out to be an awesome day in Cleveland.

Hank played soccer this summer.
And we went to the zoo lots!

At the zoo with our friend Henry!

At the end of summer we participated in the annual Akron Marathon (Ben, Nick and Sean all ran the half... I decided not to run this year because of our busy schedule).  But participated in cheering on all the guys with the kids. We got up early and saw them each 2-3x's throughout the course and then we found ourselves in the middle of downtown with hungry bellies and only one option... so the kids had Swenson's burgers for breakfast!
This has become one of our favorite annual traditions here in Akron! It also has worked out for our out of town friends to be around for the Oktoberfest the same weekend.  Our friend's Kate and Ben put on an amazing party with tons of great food, drinks and games... I even participated in the steinhoist game and came in third!
We also went for a hike while Sean was in town at the gorge here in Akron. It was a pretty hike and the kids had fun being silly and active!

The last major thing we did this summer was join the Cleveland Science Center. We saw the outside science center when we visited Cleveland with my dad and I decided to take the kids back up to check it out. We had a blast exploring and bought a membership so we can go back for me. It's definitely a little older for them, but there was a kid room designed for kids their age and the kids had a great time exploring (of course until it was time to leave, then everyone started melting down and I immediately regretted taking them anywhere and spending so much money just to have them throw fits.... ahhh, the joys of parenting....)

The whole area around the Science Center is really cool... it's in a bay off Lake Erie with a great patio and really cool buildings. This is definitely one of my new favorite areas.
This little bird had no fear - he stayed so close to us the entire time we ate our lunch, it was so funny!

(when the kids dress themselves...)

And for some random silly summer fun... the kids came downstairs all dressed in Ben's shirts.. it was too adorable not to capture!
And finally, this boy... I love his love for the outdoors. Rain, snow, shine, Hank loves to be outside and will play outside by himself for hours. I despise this pool of water, but he loves playing in it so I'm trying to be thankful for the hidden blessings in life.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Luke and Emily Wedding

We had a busy, busy, busy year! I don't know if that is just the season of life we are in or if it was a combination of having two weddings, a major surgery, and a couple big house projects - but either way, I'm hoping next year will slow down a bit (and that I might actually catch up on all my pictures!!!) The second major wedding this year was Ben's brother Luke's wedding. He married Emily on September 7th and we had so much fun celebrating them and welcoming Emily into the Wehner family. It's not only awesome having another girl around the Wehner family, it also turns out Emily is a lot of fun to be around too - the perfect addition to our family!

While most of the wedding was fun, I'm not going to lie it was also pretty stressful. Everyone was in the wedding except me so there was a ton to do to prepare and also to keep them all clean and safe the day of the event. While weddings are usually something I look forward to as a fun party, this wedding was more a lot of stressing, prepping, correcting and guiding.  Turns out having three kids in a wedding and not having your husband around to help is a lot of work!

They all made it down the aisle though! Yay!!! And they looked adorable, didn't ruin any of the wedding day, and stayed quiet during the ceremony.  Double yay!!! I was ready to relax once the ceremony was over, but the kids were still being squirrely during the cocktail hour (another parent came over and yelled at Hank in front of us so I ended up taking them inside the house for a time out until the reception started) and then by the time I got them fed and settled at the reception and we were just about to start dancing, June passed out on my chest and I was camped out in a chair for the rest of the night.  All in all everything was so beautiful and so fun, just a completely different experience going to a wedding with a 2, 4, and 6 year old.

This is a bit out of order, but the above and below pictures are actually from the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.