Saturday, May 30, 2015

Spring Update Part 2

One more post on spring happenings...

We had to get Lucy an x-ray to check her bone growth so we went to Akron's children hospital and got ice cream afterward. You always want a check-up to go 100% well, but I was reminded of how lucky we truly are after walking through the hospital wings and seeing how sick a kid can really be.  I am so thankful Lucy's x-ray came back fine and we overall have pretty healthy kids.  It's something I take for granted way too much.

 And then there's this...
I'll call this her "sassy sorority girl" pose... yikes, we are in trouble.
Luckily this one is still sweet... oh wait - she's actually my sassy one... just posing as a cute baby here.
A few more goofy faces
Power wheels: best outdoor toy EVER (ok... I actually love our trampoline just as much too)

This spring dirt and mud and puddles were pretty much June's thing.  It was hard to avoid given the state of our street, so I just let her go for it!

 So proud of these two - they are biking maniacs!! When Ben first taught Hank to ride a two-wheeler last fall, I kind of thought it was a bad idea because he seemed to timid and scared to really enjoy bike riding.  But this spring he has really taken off! He loves riding his bike and pretty much spends all his time outside riding.  Maybe we'll have two little 5 riders?!? 

 More silliness...
Lucy "nursing" her twins
June reading her magazines in the (wet) bath.
 "Kisses from June"

 Lucy and Hank playing wedding

 Cupcake decorating while Lucy is at preschool and our car is getting the oil changed

 First sprinkler day!!! I think it was only 70 or so this day, but the kids asked for it so I obliged.  I try to use my "no's" sparingly :)

And lastly- Lucy's preschool mother's day program.  Love spending one on one time with this girl.  

Spring Happenings

 Woah. Our family has been super busy this spring.  I'm not sure what happened but all of the sudden our plans got a little out of control and I started longing for a change of pace.  It has been all fun and really good things... just maybe a little too much of the good things.  I have been embracing it and trying to enjoy it as much as possible.  It's crazy for me to think that a  year ago we were slightly bored and longing for more social plans.  I think it's safe to say our social calendar is totally back to normal here in Akron!

Here are a few pictures from over the past 4 months or so.  I know this doesn't even begin to cover all that we've done, but at least it's a start!

June "eating clean" with me.  I followed a clean eating diet for a week and it was great! This picture also reminds me that around that time I went to the back doctor and am back to not working out currently in hopes of healing some pain I've been having.  More on that another time...
One of our slow afternoons... dress up and show put on by Lucy and Hank.
We call her sugar and we say "Sugar gets what Sugar wants".  And that pretty much sums up my life.
Family hike on Easter weekend.  We are surrounding by local and national parks and have found a new love for hiking with our kids.  We don't make it very far, or go very fast, but it is one of the things we enjoy as a family.

Lucy's 5 year doctor appointment.  I think June did her 15mo appt here too.  We are getting some things checked out by an endocrinologist to make sure she isn't growing too fast.  The doctor isn't super worried, so neither are we.
Castaway Bay! We had Jadyn and Jordyn for half a week and spent one night at a water park hotel in Sandusky.  We had a blast. Thank you Mimi!!


Back to every day.  June doing what she does best in this season: making messes. 
We are so lucky- one of my friends from preschool is the daugther of a former Indiana's manager.  She invited our family to come to a game in her parent's suite and we had a blast!! Definitely the best way to experience a baseball game with kids. (June stayed with a sitter so she could nap.)

Friday, May 29, 2015

Preschool Graduation and Bowling Party

 Our baby girl graduated preschool this month!!! Yikes... I am not ready for elementary school days, but kindergarten is just around the corner.  We have loved our time at Montrose Zion Preschool and have made a ton of friends.  Lucy started out in Ms. Sharon's 4 year old class which only met 3 days a week, but they wanted her to move up to Ms. Emily's pre-k class (which meets 5 days a week) so she could get more preparation for kindergarten and work at the right level.  I was a bit resistant to the idea, but I do think overall it challenged Lucy more and we ended up sending her on average 4 days a week (sometimes 3 days, sometimes 5 days) depending on our schedule.  

I asked Lucy if she was sad preschool was over but she said not really, only that she would miss seeing Abby and Ellie every day.  Overall I think she'll enjoy not having to wake up and get ready for preschool over the summer, she definitely loves being at home with us and staying in jammies all day (I'm going to be in trouble when she has to go 5 days next year!!)  While Lucy loves her friends and loves having play dates I can tell she loves her time at home with Hank, June and I too.
 For the end of the year, the preschool has a bowling party.  It's a fun idea, but definitely a bit challenging with June running around and trying to coach Hank and Lucy on how to roll the ball.

 After bowling Lucy received her "diploma" and we said goodbye to all her classmates and teachers.

 We love Miss Emily!!
 The preschool also did a graduation ceremony at church as well.  Lucy got up in front of the congregation and was given a Bible. 

A quick shot with Abby and Ellie - Lucy's best friends at preschool. 

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Wehner Family Vacation - Destin, FL

 We took a year off from vacationing with my mom and went with the Wehner family this year.  Unfortunately we couldn't get everyone together, but we were able to go with three of Ben's brothers, our sister-in-law and our nephew.  We had a blast! The house was perfect for our group - large, nicely updated and full of toys/baby gear.  It also came with a golf cart and enough bikes for everyone.  We were probably 3 blocks from the beach and maybe 2 blocks from the pool, which wasn't too bad.

We spent mornings at the beach and afternoons at the pool - although the kids really seemed to prefer the pool and almost could have done without the beach! In the evenings we would ride bikes, take golf cart rides and play games once all the kids were asleep.  We had a great time - I only wish we could have stayed for two weeks!!