Thursday, September 10, 2015

End of Summer Wrap Up

It's back to school around here, but we sure did have a blast our last month of summer.  Here are a few of the highlights...
Stan Hywet with our friends Abby, Ellie and Will!

Komae play dates

Losing teeth...

Grace Vacation Bible School...

Celebrating Ben's bday (shopping and dinner at Wasabi)

Getting our road paved (this actually had on Ben's bday) and the kids loved to watch!

Ben's bday present...

Taking daddy out to lunch..

Losing more teeth...

Another Stan Hywet day (I think this was with Rowan/Ab and Nathan/Noah)

Being silly outside...

Kindergarten open house...

And more silliness...

Monday, September 7, 2015

June 18 months

We're a little past this milestone, and I'm having trouble remembering exactly what June was doing at 18months, so I'll just update for where we are at (which is about 20 months)  

Lately June is...
-23lbs 15oz (64%) and 2ft 7in (30%)
-Talking a ton! She has been trying out new words every day and is stringing 2 and 3 word sentences together.
-Bossy! She likes things her way and likes that she can pretty much get her older brother and sister to comply.  We've got to work on this behavior a bit...
-Loving her brother and sister.  These past few months have been so fun for me to watch June develop a love for Lucy and Hank.  The three of them play so well together (most of the time).  June loves just being part of the gang. 

 -Sleeping great! Her sleep has been the same since about 13/14 months on.  One 2-3hour nap in the middle of the day (somewhere between 12:30-1:30pm) and 11-12 hours every night.  She pretty much stays on the schedule Lucy and Hank are on, so sometimes that means a little later bed time - but she is always a trooper and keeps up with them no problem.
-a bit of a picky eater, but  nothing to terrible or out of the ordinary.  She loves cheese, raisins, fruit and goldfish, but veggies are a little harder to sneak in.  She also has a terrible habit of helping herself to whatever is in the pantry, so lately I've been moving all of the food from the pantry to the top of the fridge.
-So much fun to be around! While we have the occasional tantrum and moments when I can't figure out what she's wanting, these past few months have been filled with lots of laughs and snuggles.  June is a fun-loving, silly little girl and provides us with so much joy. 
-kind of a monkey.  I think we get the most comments from people on how wild and daring she is.  Which is true! Luckily we haven't had any major injuries, although she did take a big fall from the top of the playground down the street (thankfully the only problem was her being a bit shook up!) 
-kind of a rough.  The nursery workers at church always ask if she has lots of brothers at home... I sheepishly answer that she actually only has one... 

  -loving books lately.  I was a little nervous I slacked too much on reading with you and you would never like to sit down with a book, but finally you have warmed up and love reading with mom or just sitting in your room "reading" books by yourself.
 -loving the stroller.  I don't think either Lucy or Hank loved the stroller as much as June does. She often walks out to the grarge, gets in her stroller and screams at me until I take her on a walk. This is actually a great thing since she ends up spending a lot of time in there while I run her brother and sister around. 
-learning to say "cheese" when I hold up a camera :) (finally 2 kids looking and smiling... it's a miracle!!)
 -is such a sweet girl when she's without her brother and sister.  I think she loves the one on one attention.

  We love you June bug! You are absolutely perfect in every way and we are so thankful for who you are.  I can't wait to see how you grow and what your little personality will turn into. 

Saturday, September 5, 2015

First Day of School 2015

Well, the day I've been dreading since this baby girl was first placed in my arms is finally here: the beginning of our school days.  I love staying home with my kids- I love spending time with them and the flexibility it provides.  School days mean less time with my little lady and a tight schedule so we can fit naps and meals in between pick-up/drop-off.  But, despite my sour attitude, Lucy was SO excited for school and has been loving every minute of it.  I guess I'm just going to have to get used to this new schedule...
 Lucy on her first day of Kindergarten at the Resnik Community Learning Center, and Akron Public Elementary School.  Her teacher is Miss. Pernice.
 The school requires her to wear a uniform, but it's pretty flexible and has made me a little excited for school as I pick out rompers and knee high socks.  Turns out back to school shopping is one of the fun things about going back to school!  The uniforms also make our routine in the morning easier since Lucy has a few specific outfits to choose from.

 Lucy's school is close enough for us to walk.  There are two other families close to us that we've been walking with every morning, although one of them will be moving soon- which we are sad about! I've been picking up Lucy every afternoon as well, but our next door neighbors have offered to bring here home with them in the afternoons Monday through Thursday and I'll watch them on Fridays.

 Lucy's classroom:

 Her teacher is so young and so energetic, I'm really excited for Lucy to be in her class.  Seeing Miss. Pernice's enthusiasm for her class has made this whole process a lot easier.
 Another big thing happened this week - our little man started preschool!  I don't know why, but preschool doesn't feel as sad to me as the start of kindergarten.  In fact, it's kind of a welcomed relief.  Hank is ready for a little more structured learning and time to play with other kids his age, so going to school two days a week from 9-11:30 is just what he needs.
 His teacher this year is Ms. Megan, she is new to the preschool and is actually one of my friends here in Akron, I met through the preschool.  We are excited for her to be Hank's teacher and work with him on learning letters and learning how to behave in a classroom. 
 Hank is also already having a blast and loving his time at preschool and his teacher said he was great!  Ms Megan mentioned that he is a leader in the class and a great listener.  She also reported (and so did Hank, excitedly) that he didn't suck his thumb the whole time.  I was so proud of him!
 These two little peanuts don't seem to miss their big sister while she's away at school during the day, and June doesn't seem to mind the extra one-on-one time we get while Hank is away too.  They all love each other and love playing together, but I think they each like having their own thing as well.

Our first week of school went great! It was chaotic and busy and overwhelming and emotional - but I think I'm the only one in the family that felt that way.  The kids love school and that's what is most important!