Wednesday, May 7, 2014

June 4 Months

 Pictures this month describe June perfectly...

I tried to get a few pictures on her tummy...

  But, pretty much anything and everything goes into her mouth.  I'm pretty sure she is teething- she gnaws on everything and is drooling a ton!
 Despite that, she is still all smiles, and a super happy baby!
 Getting pictures with her sitting proved to be quite the challenge also... I snapped a few...

 But then big sis came in and distracted my subject...
 She's really fun to watch...
 But I can be a tough crowd sometimes too...
 No matter what position I put June in, she either wanted to lean way too far forward...
 Or arch her back, trying to get into a standing position...
 Which resulted in this...
 Better luck next month mom!

At 4 months June...
-Eats at 8am, 11:30am, 3pm, 6pm and 9pm (then typically nurses once between 3-5am)
-Naps 1.5-2.5hrs after every feeding
-Has paci issues... and by that I mean sleeps AMAZING with it, but wakes whenever it pops out.  Sometimes this means she takes a solid nap without waking at all, sometimes this mean I'm in her room putting the paci back in several times (I just counted 6 different paci pops during this current nap).  Same with the nights... we typically put her paci in around 1am, 2am feed her at 4am and then put the paci in around 7am to help her stretch till 8am.  Sigh... I feel like I'm having de ja vu... we had the same problem with Lucy.  And I'm honestly not sure what to do about it... for now, we are going to stick with it, but we may be tossing the pacis and letting June cry if something doesn't change before 5 or 6 months.
-Still sleeps on her side between two pillows, swaddled, with a noise machine.  Although she is busting out of the swaddle, so I have a feeling that will be going soon too.
-Is strong! While her sleeping and nursing schedule reminds me a lot of Lucy, her activity reminds me a lot of where hank was at this age.  Close to being able to sit on her own, but not quite there.  Rolling from tummy to back, but not back to tummy.  And squirming around a lot when she is on her tummy.
-Loves: to stand in our laps, put anything in her mouth, and watching her brother and sister do anything.  She is seriously enthralled with them.
-Is getting treatment put on her hemangioma still, but it doesn't appear to be doing anything.
-No longer sleeps on the go as easy.  She'll take a 30-45minute nap if we are out and about, as opposed to 1.5-2.5hrs, so I pretty much stay around the house for nap times.  It also made our last car trip to Indy not quite as smooth.  Because she napped so short, she got hungry sooner so we had to stop a lot sooner and listen to her cry for longer chunks. 
-Is so giggly and smiley.  I think she is the baby that has laughed the most in my house.  It's pretty easy to get her chuckling, and I love it! (I captured her laughing below... it's fussy, but getting those laughs on camera is so tricky... I'll take what I can get!)

And finally... a sibling comparison shot... 

April Videos

Just a few short clips of our life in April...
June laughing at her silly brother and sister...

Hank drinking "hot coffee"...

Tree swinging!...

Daily life... (Lucy signing and June watching in awe)

June 3 Month Videos

Nothing super special about these videos, but wanted to capture June at 3 months... she is usually much more talkative and smiley, but I think she got camera shy!  Oh, and the craziness you hear in the background is 24/7... so glad I captured life as it really is!

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Lucy 4 Years Old

Oh man, it's been so long since I posted about Lucy - I'm not even sure where to begin... but here goes...

Stats: Height 3'6" (92%), Weight 44lb 5oz (94%)
-Currently Lucy is in to princesses, playing with baby dolls (or really any imaginary play), Frozen, singing and dancing, art (coloring, cutting, etc), reading, doing "school" at home (workbooks, etc.), cooking with mommy,  jumping on the trampoline, and riding her bike.
-She is very social and loves playing with our neighbor friends or friends from preschool, as I observe her playing I notice that she is definitely the leader type and is often coordinating play among her groups of friends.
-As much as she likes being out and about and playing with others I do find that she loves being at home and spending time with mommy and Hank (which is good since we spend a lot of time doing this)
-She continues to be a great eater and will pretty much try and like anything I put in front of her.
-She continues to have some trouble in the potty department, I still have to give her a lot of reminders to use the restroom (she will either hold it so long that she is physically crouched over and I have to say "Go to the bathroom" or she will just straight up pee her pants), I also have to be diligent about making her sit for 10 minutes after dinner every night in hopes of getting her to poop.  Making her sit coupled with a high fiber diet seems to be working pretty well for keeping her regular.  The doctor wanted me to have her on a regular dose of Miralax, but this just doesn't feel right to me, so I'm trying to treat the issue as holistically as possible.  Most days it works, although I'd still say she has a poop accident every other month (or so).  Sigh... this too will pass...
-She gave up her pacis like a champ this past month!  I was dreading doing this because I feel like we've been struggling a lot with succeeding at some of the other major parenting milestones (potty training and moving Hank into a big boy bed were kind of sucky changes around here) but Lucy actually did awesome.  We mailed the pacis to our baby friends, Teddy and Caroline, and Lucy got to pick out an "American Girl Doll" at Target and she hasn't looked back since.  We coupled taking the pacis with her birthday weekend and a visit from Grandpa and Grandma so I think with all the distractions and with her just being ready, we had a successful paci send off. 
-The last 6 months Lucy would nap off and on, I'd say on average 1-2 days per week, but it had gotten to the point where she was actually more cranky with a nap than without, so I was ready for them to go.  Once I took the paci away, Lucy has stopped napping completely, but she actually seems happier without it!
-Now that she is not napping, she does still take a quiet time.  I expect her to stay in her room for an hour (although some days she will stay in the basement for an hour) and she usually does really well with this.  I've hidden some toys/puzzles/books and bring a few up every day for her to play with and have something new to look at during quiet time.  
-At night Lucy was sleeping about 12 hours a night, now that her paci is gone I'd say she sleeps more like 11 hours, 8:30pm-7:30am, but again, despite getting less sleep, her attitude seems to be much better
-Overall Lucy does a really great job filling the role of big sister.  She is often very loving, caring and understanding when her younger brother is being a stinker and she is very helpful and loves playing with June.  She does go through attitude phases though... Right after we brought June home, Lucy's attitude was out of control and we were going through daily battles as she yelled at me and refused to do anything I asked.  Luckily her increased attitude was just a phase (I was a bit worried we had entered the pre-teen phase already!) and most days she is a very obedient and quick to please her mom/dad.
-When she is acting up, we've continued to use the 1-2-3 Magic approach, and for the most part she changes quickly after I start counting.  On average I'd say she doesn't have to go to time out very often... but we have our weeks.  It's funny, some bad weeks she will be in time out at least once a day and then we will go several weeks where I don't even have to mention time out.  She is definitey learning how to get under my skin with her words, and I am learning that I need to just walk away instead of getting offended and snapping back at her.  It's funny, the way she talks to me when she is angry is exactly how I talk to her when I'm angry...yikes! I explain to her that it's not ok for her to talk that way to me because she's not the mom, but at the same time it's really convicting that my actions are going to speak louder than my words.
-She is very smart, we work on memorizing Bible verses and she is always quick to pick them up (usually faster than I do!) and she has been reading simple books to me for the past several months.
-She is a great negotiator, always working up deals and going back and forth with me to come up with a way we can both be happy.
-She is imaginative, I often catch her taking with herself and playing in her own little world.  She does a great job entertaining herself and sometimes prefers we just leave her to talk with herself!

Lucy-While we may have our battles some days, most of the time we truly love being around each other.  You are such a joy in my life and make me smile and laugh on a daily basis.  We love doing any and everything together and I love watching you embrace everything with a positive attitude.  I love you baby girl! No matter how old you get, you will always be my first baby and hold a special place in my heart.
 Lucy's answers from her 4 year old video I took...(I decided not to post the video bc I realized I asked her our address in it... thought that might not be good to post on the internet)

Favorite color? Pink and purple
Favorite toy? Baby dolls
Favorite fruit? Apples and bananas
Favorite TV show? Octonauts
Favorite thing to eat for lunch? PB&J
Favorite thing to wear? Dresses
Favorite animal? Giraffes
Favorite book? Ninja Turtles
Favorite song? Do you want to build a snow man
Best friend? Estella and Mason
Favorite thing to do outside? Play with Hank and jump on the trampoline
Favorite cereal? Colorful cheerios
Favorite drink? Apple juice and water
Like to take to bed at night? Teddy bear
What do you want to be when you grow up? Cowgirl