Saturday, December 29, 2012

Advent Activites (Part 3)

7. Go to a tree lighting...
(We went to the Fishers tree lighting, but missed the actual lighting of the tree and missed the hot chocolate and the line for Santa was super long, so we ended up going to Starbucks for hot chocolate and some treats instead!) 
 8. Make a gingerbread house...
(we invited a friend over for this)

9. Bake Christmas cookies...

10. Drive around look at Christmas lights...

 11. S'mores night...
(we didn't have chocolate or graham crackers, so we actually just had toasted marshmallows... but still fun)

Other activities that I didn't get pictures of...
12. Read Christmas stories by the fire
13. Read the Bible story of Jesus
14. Make caramel corn and deliver to neighbors
15. Go to a show (I actually did this with Beth and Courtney, but I'm still counting it! We went and saw Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat)

We also did 3 Bible Advent activities that my friend Emily sent me that were actually really cool.  They included Bible verses, activities and sometimes even some singing.  I don't think Lucy totally got what we were trying to explain, but I know we are planting important seeds for the future.

A few things I had on my list that we didn't get to...
-Visit Santa (although we saw him from a distance several times, Lucy never got to sit on his lap... kind of bummed about that)
-Candle lit dinner by the fire with Ben
-Bday cake for baby Jesus
-Hot Chocolate at a book store
-Christmas craft
-Anonymous gift
-Grace's Christmas Catalog
-Christmas at Traders Point

We had a lot of fun teaching Lucy (and Hank) about the true meaning of Christmas this year and got a lot of fun quality time in too!

Advent Activities (part 2)

5 and 6 - Christmas at The Zoo and Carriage Ride
We fit in two activities one Sunday with Mimi.  She took us downtown for a carriage ride, Ruth's Chris and Christmas at The Zoo.  It was a fun day we all got to spend together!

At the beginning Lucy kept holding on to and pulling Jordyn back because she was afraid he was going to fall out



Thanks Mimi for a fun day downtown!!

Advent Activities (part 1)

 We did a much better job on our advent activities this year, versus last year.  I didn't however get the actual advent calendar up until a few days late (actually I ended up not making one because my sweet friend Beth made one for the kids) and we didn't exactly pull out 1 activity per day, we mostly just did things when possible... but I think we did pretty good! 

1. Make homemade doughnuts...
(we actually did this before December started, because I knew with Hank's birthday and party would make early December a bit hectic)

2. Watch a Christmas movie...
(we actually did this several times... it was so nice to snuggle together on the couch and just relax!)
3. Go Christmas shopping...
(we actually did this twice, once we pretty much only made it on the train and back... the other trip was pretty productive)
  While we shopped the kids "test drove" power wheels...

 4. Get a Christmas Tree...

5. Decorate our Christmas tree and get a new ornament representative of our year (I got one with a santa on it that is jumping on a trampoline... it was pretty cute)

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

We had a very relaxing Thanksgiving weekend.  Hank was sick (we found out later that he had an ear infection) so he didn't sleep well at night, but other than that we spent a lot of time hanging out as a family and enjoying the nice weather.  
On Thanksgiving day, we woke up slow, hung out in our jammies and watched the Thanksgiving day parade.  I even got a run in before we had to head out to my grandparents.  We spent most of the day with my family, and stopped by the Wehners to say hello at the end of the day. 
Here are a few pictures from a walk we took at my grandparents...


Thursday, December 20, 2012

Catching Up - Goofy Kids

 I think these posts are also from the past several weeks... all random pictures of the kids, being their goofy, awesome selves...
Bought a Halloween costume on clearance... guess who had to wear it all day?

Trying on Great Grandma Emily's glasses
Sad that Graham (our neighbor) wasn't home to play
After missing my keys for 2 weeks, one day Lucy pops up and says "here's your keys mom!"... she had put them in her "purse"... stinker
1 year Dr.'s appt.
Wearing new PJ's Hank got for his birthday... goofy girl...
Reindeer present from Grandpa!

You might also notice Lucy's eclectic outfit choices in the above pictures.  Girl has got a thing for dressing her self lately... and that's a battle this mom is not willing to fit.  Some days we go to the store with bathing suit bottoms over our pants... and that's ok.

Catching Up - Random Outings

 Running out of space on the old blog put me a bit behind on things, so these photos are pretty old, but better late than never!  These pictures are stood out to me because they were various things we've done over the past month that I wanted to remember...

You can tell how old the below is by how warm it looks! But it wasn't that long ago... we had such a warm fall that we spent many days outside, at a park.  On this day we picked up lunch and ate together and then played at the park.  It was perfect!
One colder day we tried Snapperz... chasing two babies around was not as much fun...
 We helped pass out bags to collect food for our church... it was an easy, fun, way to get the kids involved in serving others.  Hopefully we can do something like this every year (or even more frequently as they get older)!
 We met up with my mom, Jadyn, and Jordyn at the zoo a few weeks back and then Mom treated us to Ruth's Chris.  Seriously... are these kids not the luckiest kids in the world?!?!
 Our first breakfast out as a family of four.  We were feeling motivated and got up early to go workout at the YMCA and then realized it didn't open till noon so we went to breakfast instead... it was a sucess!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Hank 12 Months

STATS: 23 pounds, 75%
31.5 inches, 96%
 We have officially arrived! Our second baby is no longer a "baby" and is entering toddlerhood - it's amazing how fast this year has gone (especially when I didn't think I'd ever sleep again during the first two months of his life).  This year Hank's personality started to really develop more and more - he loves throwing stuff away (include important stuff that is not supposed to be put in the trash!), throwing things in general, putting things "away", pushing things around, and has finally found a love for reading! He has actually picked up books and walked them over to me, then sat while I read the entire book... I thought this day would never come!  
Hank has been pretty clingy this month (much like every other month) - but in particular we went through a few bad colds that led to bad sleep and an extra clingy baby this month.  The doctor actually found an ear infection at his 1 year appointment, but she said unless he got worse that we should be OK without treatment... I'm guessing the worst of the infection was over Thanksgiving because the poor guy was up all throughout the night during the vacation weekend.  Although, with the clinginess came lots of hugs and even some sloppy, open mouthed kisses.  
I wouldn't say he has learned any new words, or is even really speaking that much at all - but I'm assuming that is because he's pretty focused on walking and is getting faster and faster at it.  He has mastered the whine and fake cry for communication though, and can turn it off just as quickly as he turns it on, once he gets his way.  He is also good at communicating "all done" when he is finished eating and has also mastered chasing after me with both arms up in the air, signaling he wants me to pick him up (no matter how hard I try to hide!)
One fun thing to see has been his developing love for Ben.  Lucy never really preferred Ben (as long as I was around) and still really doesn't, but Hank loves his daddy!  Just today Hank was walking around looking for Ben to pick him up, and when I tried to go grab him (Ben had to finish up a couple work things), Hank actually pushed me away!  I really loved it, and I was so thankful Ben got to experience the joy (and the pain) of when a baby has a strong preference for you.  He still definitely prefers me most of the time, and has actually started showing some separation anxiety when I drop him off at the church nursery.  But nothing really extreme. 

I officially weaned Hank last week (which I think ended up being a few weeks over 1 year).  I think he probably would have stuck with it for awhile longer, but we have a vacation coming up and I was just feeling ready to be done so I stopped offering to nurse him during the day.  He didn't really seem to mind this at all, I would just cuddle him and walk around with him and give him a sippy with milk and he never seemed to mind that I didn't lift up my shirt.  After that, the other two feedings went away easily (I'm guessing I was starting to run out of milk), and Hank never really put up a fuss about it.  Although nursing had definitely gotten really easy and convenient towards the end, I am glad to have the sense of being totally free right now and am enjoying some time while my body is just mine, not a milk source or growing another life!

I think that covers most of the updates - I'm sure I'm missing a lot (I'm writing this at 2am because I can't sleep and wanted to feel productive!) because Hank is such a ham right now, but hopefully I'll get more updates, more frequently, on here soon!

 Here are a few pictures from Hank's actual birthday... I made sprinkle pancakes that were actually disgusting (too much baking soda) and we sang Happy Birthday at breakfast.  (and of course, Lucy had to get a candle for her pancake too!)