Saturday, December 20, 2014

June 11 Months

Before I get to June's monthly photo shoot... a few shots of her sleeping... nothing I love better than a sleeping baby...


This doesn't happen all the time, but some morning naps I have to wake June (either to get to preschool, or keep her on schedule to line up with Hank's afternoon nap)... I of course had to sneek a couple pictures in.  You can see she likes to sleep with a lot of stuff - a lovey, a paci, a receiving blanket, and another blanket to cover her.

June at 11 Months...
-is walking full time (although she still falls a lot!)
-has a lot of ATTITUDE! She is in full swing tantrum mode, and this mama is not happy about it!
-Has become pretty opinionated about what she wants/doesn't want...
-Wants: to be left alone! (no brother or sister messing with her), her mama, to be fed lots of food, milk from a sippy, to get into everything, her paci
-Listens to "No!"
-Claps a ton, waves hi/bye-bye, signs "all done", babbles a lot (maybe saying mama, dada, all done, bubba)
-acts "shy" when people talk to her or say Hi
-Still takes 2 good naps, although she has been a little cranky/sick this past month and sometimes sneeks in a third cat nap
-Pretty much sleeping through the night 8pm-7:30am, although again with sicknesses, some nights she'll wake around 4:30am so I'll nurse her
-Is only nursing in the morning and before bed... she has no interest in nursing in the middle of the day and I can tell is ready to give it up all together (but I've been forcing those feedings as much as I can!!)
-Loves dancing

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Thanksgiving Week 2014

Hank's birthday breakfast!
Birthday pancakes to celebrate our special guy!

Celebrating Hank's birthday at my grandparents

Hank bit his lip open while playing in the basement

Thanksgiving dinner - kid's table


Meems snuck in one...
We spent most of the day with my grandparents this year, and headed over to the Wehner's afterward to hang out with them and stay the night. We celebrated with my dad the day after Thanksgiving down at my sister's work - Moe's. 

Saturday, December 6, 2014

November Happenings... (and maybe a little bit of October)

Mess Maker....

 Forgot to upload these from when we went to the pumpkin patch with Lucy's preschool...

 More mess makers... 
 "Out of chaos life is being found in You"

Picture day at preschool...
Oops... another late post... Halloween party at preschool.  Some of Lucy's best friends...

 This girl... always the fashionista...

Watching Daddy blow the leaves...

Day trip to Pittsburgh...

First snow!!!

Hank's birthday pancakes...

June Walking

This past month June started walking!! She started slow, taking only a few steps at a time- but she was persistent (much like her brother and sister)!! In the past few weeks she has gotten better and better and now has been walking all over the place.  She is still pretty wobbly, but every day she is getting better.  So proud of our big girl!

(the first 2 videos are just her getting ready for walking)

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Hank's Third Birthday Party

 Our little man turned three last week! His birthday was the day before Thanksgiving this year, so we decided to have his party in Indy.  We invited Quinn, Henry, Andrew, Gavin, Jadyn and Jordyn to celebrate at Monkey Joe's and I think everyone had a blast.  

We did Lucy's third birthday at Chuck E. Cheese, so it seemed fitting that Hank should have something similar for his third birthday.  Monkey Joe's was the perfect fit for my crazy, active, wild little man.  (I forgot my camera, so luckily Heather took pictures for me!)

 This little man still loves his thumb more than anything!
 He chose a spider man theme for his big day, and Ben and I got him a superman shirt for his birthday.  He also got two remote control cars, a bat cave, cars, a singing Olaf, a spidey Mr. Potato Head, a Minion Mr. Potato Head and a few clothes (namely some "cool" socks... this boy is so in to cool socks these days). 

 This girl loved cake... of course...

We are so thankful for good friends in Indy who helped us celebrate our big 3 year old!! It was a perfect day to celebrate our favorite little man.