Wawasee Girls Weekend + Kids!

 Ben went camping with his brothers last week. When they planned their boys only trip I texted Katy to see if we could hang out at her family's lake cabin with her and Liam while she was on maternity leave. My kids are getting older, so I figured traveling with them and vacationing alone with them was feasible and Liam was young enough to be flexible during travels!
 Overall we had a lot of fun, but it was definitely a harder trip than I had expected. The weather wasn't great, which made our activities a bit more limited and having 4 kids on the boat and only 2 adults was a bit challenging, especially when it came to water sports (hence why I have no pictures of the kids tubing!)

We made it work and every kid even had a chance to tube! Lucy loved it and even tubed behind the speed boat by her self  - I was super impressed! She went full speed and wasn't scared at all. We tried to get her to ski, but sitting in the water, waiting for the boat to start, freaked her out and she ended up not even attempting. Water sports were definitely something that would have been easier with a third adult.

The kids all slept pretty well though - including Liam! who seemed like a dream baby, and were very helpful in getting everything set up and ready. Hank seemed to be in a bit of a rascally mood (he gets that way sometimes) unfortunately, so I felt like I was having to parent him a bit more than usual and felt frustrated with the way he was acting.  I'm not sure if it was just his mood, or the fact that the weather was bad or the fact that we were in someone else's home and there was a bunch of "off-limit" things that he kept getting into, but either way I was ready to go home and get a little peace by Saturday morning!! While the kids are older and definitely easier, they are still at somewhat challenging ages and adding a baby into the mix made things even more complicated. Maybe next year will be our year!! (if Katy will have us back!)

 The girls LOVED Liam! It was so fun seeing them love on him and interact with him and made me think a lot about what a 4th baby/child would be like in our home. While I may not be able to have anymore kids of my own, we are still praying about what foster care or adoption might look like for our family so it was sweet to see what our girls might be like with another baby in the family.

 Ben's trip was a mix too - he had a great time hanging out with his brothers and dad, but they had really bad weather and ended up cutting their camping trip short to go to a hotel and kingsisland on their last day. They did fit in hiking up a mountain and white water rafting and are already talking about the possibility of doing another rafting trip next year!