End of School!

 Lucy's last days of school were bitter-sweet as usual! We are so proud of our little first grader - she is smart, sweet, kind and so mature... so ready for second grade. But we are also sad to see another year pass and to see our little girl get another year older. Time moves to fast these days.

We did get to do a little bit of celebrating tough. I got to go in for the last day of school for an ice cream party another mom planned and to play a few games with the kids. It's always nice to get into Lucy's classroom but it can also be tough to - sometimes it feels a bit disorganized and tough to corral the kids... the party was a bit chaotic!
 Lucy's 1st grade teacher was Miss LaCivita. Lucy really enjoyed having Miss LaCivita - she has seemed to really enjoy these younger teachers and has loved going to school each day. Overall we were pretty happy with our experience as well. I would still love to be more involved in the school than I am, but I'm still learning too... I have mixed feelings about the school right now, but I'm trying to remain thankful for what we have and the joy Lucy has from the school.

We also had an end of year party with a few of Lucy's friends. We did this last year and continued the tradition this year as well. The weather was a bit cooler this year - but we made the most of it with a bonfire and instead of cooking hot dogs on the grill, we cooked them over the campfire. It was the perfect way to celebrate the end of a great school year!