GameDay Cheer

Lucy did cheer-leading this past winter through a program at our church called GameDay.  We had so much fun participating and it was by far the most organized and kid-centric program we have done so far.  Everything about GameDay was a success, not only with Lucy, but also with our whole family.  I was so proud to call Grace church our home, knowing that they put together such great programing.
A few of Lucy's teammates: Katie, Zoe and Ava (Emilia was not pictured below...)

Mimi visited one week and participated in one of the half time games: using Hank as a bowling ball to knock down bowling pins.  It was pretty cute.


Lucy's full team - they split into 2 groups for break out sessions and games.

Here are a few videos from a couple different weeks of cheer...

And we ended the season with an award ceremony.  Lucy got the determination and discipline award.  I couldn't agree more and was not surprised Lucy received those two awards - she is such a hard workers!! We are so proud of our little cheerleader!!!
We also celebrated the end of the season with the team at Fire It Up painting pottery.

So thankful for this group of girls, coaches, and the church that supported such an awesome program.