Videos... lately

These videos are random, but I realized I wanted to have some live shots from what life is like right now and what these two babies are like.  I'm planning to do full updates on them both (Hank at 15mo and Lucy at 3yr) but here is a little snapshot into our life right now.  The video above is Lucy explaining Real Moms.  Her mannerisms and the way she talks and the words she uses right now crack me up.  I love having conversations with her.  She is such a goof ball and such a joy in our home.

The below video is Lucy and Hank playing on our couch.  Something we do several times a week.  They both seems to love arranging the cushions in different ways (to make tunnels, or to jump, or to do somersaults, etc.)  The dynamic between the two of them cracks me up and their little personalities seem to really shine - Hank my little busy body and Lucy my little communicator.