A few weeks ago, we headed to Mexico for an all-inclusive, adults only (well for our group anyway), vacation, and it was magnificent.  It was the perfect amount of food, drinks (ok, maybe a little to much of both of those things, but hey... what's an all inclusive for?), girl time, hubby time, relaxation time, reading time, and laying out in the sun time.

Ben and I have taken a few vacations since being married and this definitely ranks up there as one of my favorites - I loved that we traveled with two other couples and got to do our own thing during the day, but then had time alone as a couple as well.  And I loved that we didn't have to think about anything - we would wake up, eat breakfast, lay out by the pool, order lots of fun drinks, head back to our rooms to get ready for dinner and then head out for one of our resort's restaurants.

For what we paid for the vacation, I think it really was a steal! The only thing I could compare it to was the few cruises we have been on and I think it was definitely a better value.  Their were a couple things I didn't love as much about the all-inclusive (in comparison to the cruise ship)... the weather (it was a little chilly) - but of course you can't control that anywhere, the entertainment - Ben and I have really enjoyed the shows that the cruise ship puts on and the shows weren't quite as fun - and the TV - ok, this may sound weird, but not having cable at home, something we really look forward to is veggie out in front of the TV while away from home.  But on the up side, without a lot of TV to distract we got a lot of reading done and went for a run almost every morning (something I don't think we've ever done on a vacation before).  But of course, none of this really ruined the trip and there are lots of down falls to cruises, so I definitely would do it all over again, if I could!

 I hope we can continue to do fun vacations like this as we grow older... Ladies - what do you say, should we start planning Cabo 2015? :)

 Of course we missed our two babies A LOT! and it made leaving such a fun vacation not so hard knowing that we would get to see Lucy and Hank.  They stayed with Grandma and Grandpa while we were away (who we are so thankful for!) and had a blast.

Our flight was delayed in Cabo, so we ended up spending almost 24 hours traveling (mostly sitting in the Cabo airport) so the day after we got back, we decided to have a movie day and try to make up for missed snuggling while we were away.


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