A Couple Firsts

 We've had a busy couple weeks, so these next few posts are going to be a bit out of order as I play catch up.  Last month I took Lucy for her first hair cut!!! I can't believe my baby girl was almost 3 before getting her first hair cute, but I was really excited for the day to finally come.  Lucy's hair has actually gotten pretty long, as you can see in the above picture, but the problem is that the top is still growing really slow.  I was hesitant to take her in for a hair cut because I wasn't really sure what to tell the hair dresser.  But I think I took her at just the right time, because now I love it and the layers seem to look pretty natural.  
 I told the hair dresser to take a couple inches off the bottom, and to lose as much of the mullet look as possible.  She knew exactly what I wanted!
 She didn't take much off the top, just slightly evened out Lucy's bangs.  At the end she put Lucy's hair up in these cute little pig tails.  I liked them, but I kind of wanted to be able to look at how her new hair looked, so I took them out once we got home.

 This is random, but again, I'm just trying to get caught up here... Another first - we went to see the dentist this month.  It was actually our second trip, the first time was supposed to be just a time for Lucy to look around and this time was supposed to be for her teeth to get checked for the first time.  Unfortunately there was a mix up at the office and they didn't actually look at Lucy's teeth, but... I think she feels pretty comfortable being there now!
 (she was making a sad face there, but she was really happy... she was just being goofy at the time!)